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8 Things You Never Knew Your iPhone's Headphones Could Do Knowing your controls can eliminate the need to take your phone out of your pocket.

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This story originally appeared on Business Insider

The three buttons on Apple's standard white iPhone earbuds can be pressed in combinations that pretty much eliminate the need to take the phone out of your pocket.

These controls are simple and easy to remember while still allowing for a wide range of control over your device.

You can even use them to ignore a phone call.

Play or pause a song or video.

Tap the center button once to pause, and once again to resume.

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Fast forward or rewind through a song.

Fast forward by tapping the center button twice and holding down on the second tap. Rewind by tapping three times and holding down the third tap.

Switch between calls.

Switch to a new incoming call by tapping the center button once. You can end that new call by holding down the center button for two seconds.

Take a picture.

Inside the default camera app, press the volume up button to take a picture. This doesn't work with other camera apps, such as Instagram.

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Activate Siri.

If you're sporting an iPhone 4S of iPhone 5, tap and hold the center button to activate Siri.

Skip to the next song.

Double-tap the center button to skip to the next song. (You can even triple-tap to go to the previous song.)

Answer and end calls.

Just tap the center button once to answer and once to hang up.

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Ignore incoming calls.

Press and hold the center button for a couple seconds, then release it. You'll hear two beeps when the call's been disconnected.

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