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Ads on podcasts and audio platforms prove to be more effective with the audience

After confinement, audio formats became highly relevant in the daily lives of thousands of people.

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Whether as pieces of information, personal growth or mere entertainment, the podcast has created communities in which the presenters of said productions are able to create an auditory image that makes listeners feel identified with certain beliefs, ideas, opinions and positions , which promotes a feeling of connection with the host.


This phenomenon opened a window of opportunity in terms of marketing because, according to a study carried out by Magid for iHeartMedia and PMX , an investment arm of Publics Media, 53 percent of those who listen to sound products find the most relevant radio and podcast ads. than in any other medium, which translates into decisions to purchase products or download digital content such as music albums.

Of all those surveyed, five percent said they listen to commercials more often on radio and podcasts than in any other medium and 51 percent said they were more likely to trust the truth of the ads they heard on their phones. favorite audio platforms.

Along with the popularity of the content, podcast presenters or hosts are better accepted and considered honest and trustworthy when they are perceived as authentic and have a connection with their audience, which makes them the perfect influencers for thousands of brands. Worldwide.

According to Insider Intelligence , it is estimated that by 2023, the income of those who advertise through audio pieces such as podcasts and radio, will exceed two billion dollars, in addition to ensuring that 61 percent of audio platform subscribers plan to increase their podcast consumption within the next twelve months.

Likewise, the qualitative results of the survey showed that a large part of the population sample of people between 18 and 64 years of age who listen to at least one hour of audio per month and use social networks, acquired a product or service that they heard about in their favorite programs. .

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