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Another Successful Rocket Launch and Land for Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Plus: Scientists have invented fake skin that can grow hair and sweat.

By Lindsay Friedman

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Blue Origin

Stick the landing. For the third time in five months, Jeff Bezos' company Blue Origin successfully launched and landed one of its private rockets.

Show me the money. An international coalition of investigative journalists published its investigation of one of the largest known document leaks showing heads of state and a global network of offshore accounts that's been dubbed the Panama Papers.

In demand. Tesla's affordable model received nearly $10 billion worth of in orders in 3 days, according to the Financial Times.

A breakthrough. Scientists have invented artificial skin than can grow hair and sweat, according to Engadget.

A helping hand. Having unlocked iPhones without Apple's assistance, the FBI says it'll help local authorities do it, too.

Play ball. In honor of opening day, Siri can now answer more of your baseball questions.

The ultimate file. The missing patient file for the Wright Brother's "flying machine' was found in a cave after 36 years, according to Fox News.
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