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Avoid Spelling and Grammar Errors in Email with This Award-Winning Writing Assistant

In the professional world, error-free writing is more important than you might think.

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Grammatical errors — a stray comma here or an extra "and" there — might seem like minor errors in the grand scheme of things. But if they frequently occur in professional contexts, they could be costing you quite dearly.

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In a study of 100 native English speakers' LinkedIn profiles, the presence of few errors correlated with more promotions. Not only that, but professionals who made few grammar mistakes in their profiles achieved higher leadership positions within the first decade of their careers than those who were sloppier in that regard.

Now, many word processor programs feature virtual writing assistants that function as spelling and grammar checkers (shoutout to Microsoft Office's Clippy). For more powerful solutions, however, you've got to seek out third-party resources with more advanced features and refined technologies.

With that in mind, we're offering our readers a deal on premium subscriptions to the award-winning WhiteSmoke writing assistant. Rated as the No. 1 solution for English grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation, the WhiteSmoke software uses unique patented artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze text and expose mistakes before you hit "send." In addition to its error checker, WhiteSmoke also features a massive database with which to compare your work for possible plagiarism, plus writing tutorials, document templates, and a translator for more than 50 different languages. These tools are compatible with all mobile and desktop browsers, activating with a single click, and can be linked to your Microsoft Word and Outlook accounts to proofread your emails and documents.

Click here to head over to the Entrepreneur Store, where you can sign up for a lifetime premium subscription to WhiteSmoke for just $79 — 80 percent off its original price of $399.95. Each plan grants you lifetime access to all current and future WhiteSmoke features at no additional cost.

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