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Bill Gates Is Releasing a New Book About How to Avoid Another Pandemic: Here's What We Know Billionaire and now beloved author Bill Gates has announced his latest project in a new blog post.

By Emily Rella

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Billionaire and now beloved author Bill Gates has announced his latest project in a new post on his blog aptly titled A Plan for No More Pandemics.

"The last two years have caused unbelievable amounts of hardship around the world, and it's not easy to feel optimistic when you've endured the misery that so many people have experienced," Gates penned. "But whenever I see the suffering that COVID has created–every time I read about the latest death toll or hear about someone who lost their job or drive by a school that is closed—I can't help but think: We don't have to do this again."

The Microsoft founder explained how through his work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the experts made readily available to him through that, he's learned much about the pandemic and that he wants to share his knowledge with readers.

Last June, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged a whopping $50 million to vaccine access and delivery in 92 lower-income countries across the world. That $50 million pledge brought the Gates Foundation's total donations to Covid response initiatives to $1.8 billion total.

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Titled How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, Gates's book will lay out "specific steps" that society can take to prevent a pandemic like Covid in the future (what medical tools and research we will need, what innovations will need to be made) as well as how we can provide better health care to everyone to help stop the spread of infectious disease.

The billionaire also said that he will touch on conversations with Dr. Fauci and the subject of conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic as well as his take on vaccines.

"The goal of no more pandemics ever is ambitious, but the progress we've made over the last two years—including the huge leaps forward we've made with vaccines and the knowledge we've gained about respiratory illnesses—has already set us on a path to success," Gates said. "The world now understands how seriously we should take pandemics, and momentum is on our side. No one needs to be convinced that an infectious disease could kill millions of people or shut down the global economy."

Gates currently has seven published books, his most recent being How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need, which was released in February 2021.

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The former Microsoft CEO has not been one to shy away from speaking up and out about Covid amid the pandemic over the past two years.

Just last month he hopped on a Twitter Q&A with Chair of Global Health at University of Edinburgh and Global Health Governance Program Director Devi Sridhar for a nearly hour-long back and forth about the future of Covid regarding scientific and technological breakthroughs and mentioned the longhand conspiracy theory that the vaccines (and Gates) were putting chips in people's arms in an attempt to track them.

"Social media got behind on trying to get factual information out - there will be a lot of debate about how to do better on that," Gates admitted at the time. "People like you and I and Tony Fauci have been subject to a lot of misinformation. I didn't expect that. Some of it like me putting chips in arms doesn't make sense to me - why would I want to do that?"

Gates's book will be available to read on May 3, 2022.

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