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Dad Pisses Off Thousands With TikTok Explaining How to Hack Disney Ride Height Restrictions for Kids TikTokers The Kelly Fam made platform shoes out of flip-flops and Gorilla glue so their 3-year-old could sneak onto big rides.

By Dan Bova

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I was a kid in the mid-1970s, so my parents' idea of "safety" might be a little suspect by today's standards. I'm not sure if the seatbelts in our family's Chevy Malibu were ever actually buckled and my brother and I played many a game of lawn darts, which involved throwing a large sharpened metal dart very high into the air with the hopes of landing it in a ring on the ground that was very close to where you teammate was standing/about to be impaled.

My parents weren't delinquent or psychotic—like everyone else back then, they were too dumb to know any better.

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Today, we do know better. Seatbelts are used, and lawn darts are banned. We are made aware of potential dangers out there and most of us take precautions to avoid them because no one wants to be the kid who can't play soccer because there's a metal spike sticking out of their foot.

Recently, society's prevailing winds of "don't get hurt, stupid" blew hard in the face of Florida-based TikTokers The Kelly Fam, who posted a video of their hack for allowing their 3-year-old "thrill-seeking boy" to get on the big rides at Disney theme parks.

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In the video, the parents use flip flops and Gorilla Glue to create platform shoes that will allow their little daredevil to get onto rides that safety police at Disney deemed too dangerous.

The video garnered a ton of views along with heaps of outrage. Thousands of commenters called the Kelly Fam's parenting skills into question, prompting a response from dad, 30-year-old Ty Kelly, who apologized and eventually pulled the video.

Kelly said he was a "very much flawed individual" and also basically said that the hack was b.s. and that they didn't actually use it. A longer version of the video was posted on The Kelly Fam YouTube channel that included a disclaimer in the description: "This video is not intended to be taken seriously, as we made this video solely for entertainment purposes. DO NOT attempt this yourselves. Disney is GREAT at their jobs, and you will get caught."

An even better disclaimer? "Don't ever do anything people say they do on TikTok." You'll have a better chance of living longer if you stick to lawn darts. Here is the latest from the Kelly Fam on pulling their video:

@the.kelly.fam With influence comes responsibility, and we take that seriously. It's a privilege to have the platforms we do, and we'd NEVER want someone else to get hurt from an idea from one of our videos. With that being said, we've decided to take anything down related to the Disney shoe video. We hope that in time, you'll see that we are serious about the content we put out for the public to see, and we're committed to being more careful and intentional with our posts moving forward. We want our platforms to feel like home, and a safe place for you to come and unwind, be uplifted, inspired and hopefully entertained. We love you all. #thekellyfam ♬ original sound - The Kelly Fam
Dan Bova

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Dan Bova is the VP of Special Projects at He previously worked at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Maxim and Spy magazine. Check out his latest humor books for kids, including Wendell the Werewolf, Road & Track Crew's Big & Fast Cars, and The Big Little Book of Awesome Stuff.

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