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Dog Rescues Drowning Puppy in 'Amazing' Video: 'We Don't Deserve Dogs'

A viral clip caught the moment a dog pulled a struggling puppy from a pool.


A recently viral video captured the moment a dog saved a drowning puppy that slipped into a pool.

On April 20, former NBA player Rex Chapman shared CCTV footage of a small white pup in distress after it walks around a swimming pool and suddenly falls in. The pup then attempts to stay afloat by paddling around the pool, until a larger black dog shows up.

Both dogs bark for help but don't appear to get the attention of anyone. Racing to save the pup, the larger dog takes matters into its own paws and pulls the pup out of the pool by biting onto the latter's ear.

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"Security cameras caught something pretty amazing," Chapman wrote. "We don't deserve dogs.."

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