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'Alice,' the First All-Electric Passenger Plane Takes Its First Flight

Manufacturer Eviation Aircraft hopes to get electric aircrafts to customers by 2027.


The first-ever all-electric passenger airplane successfully took flight on Tuesday morning, marking a historic moment in and sustainability.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland/Getty Images

Manufactured by Arlington-based company Eviation , the zero-emission plane named "Alice," took off from Grant County International Airport in Washington for an eight-minute maiden voyage. The plane, which seats nine, will have the ability to travel for one hour or about 250 nautical miles, according to CNN Business.

The plane operates under battery , which makes the aircraft significantly slower than those with traditional engines. The Alice only allows for a max cruise speed of 250 nautical miles, while the average commercial airline travels around 550 and 600 miles per hour, per Flying Mag. However, in a statement to Entrepreneur, an Eviation spokesperson said, "150-250 nautical miles is sufficient for most trips today," and they are working on improving their batteries.

"The advantage of the Alice is that the aircraft and propulsion are future proof – they are ready to utilize the best that batteries will have to offer as time progresses," the spokesperson said. "Eviation's customers have been briefed on and are aligned with the 250 nm VFR range."

While it has limitations, Alice's first flight marks a major milestone for eco-friendly travel.

"This is history," President and CEO of Eviation Aircraft, Gregory Davis, told CNN Business." We have not seen the propulsion technology change on the aircraft since we went from the piston engine to the turbine engine. It was the 1950s that was the last time you saw an entirely new technology like this come together."

According to Davis, Eviation is working on an FAA-certified aircraft and is aiming to get their eclectic planes to customers by 2027.

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