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'I Paid $2.99 This Morning for a Sh–ty Cup': Goldman Sachs Employees Outraged After Free Coffee Perk Is Pulled

With massive layoffs looming, the financial giant delivered its employees a hot cup of bad news.


The New York Post reports that employees of Goldman Sachs have been hit with a double-whammy in 2023 — and the year is barely a few days old.

Svetlana Lavereva | Getty Images

Just before New Year's Eve, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon announced plans for a massive round of layoffs during "the first half of January." As many as 4,000 "low-performing" employees may lose their jobs, according to a report from Semafor.

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Even more brutal than that? On Tuesday, employees learned that coffee would no longer be a free perk at the company's Sky Lobby.

One caffeine-loving financial specialist told the Post, "I paid $2.99 this morning for a sh–ty cup of Seattle's Best," adding, "Nothing says 'Happy New Year' like 'You're already on the verge of losing your jobs — but let's just make sure you lose your free coffee, too.'"

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We're not here to tell Goldman Sachs how best to run its business, but we can say with certainty that reducing access to coffee isn't exactly the best way to get more out of your employees. Health experts have determined that coffee has a myriad of positive effects on our productivity and overall well-being including improving memory and cognitive function, providing an energy boost, and helping you stay alert and focused.

Sip on that, penny-pinching C-suite execs.

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