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How to Stand Out and Be a Thought Leader

This story originally appeared on Lewis Howes

How many of you have huge visions for what you want to create in the world, but don't see how to make them happen?

Perhaps you think the you're in is too crowded, already full of leaders, or too hard to break into.

What would make anyone notice you over all the other extremely qualified and intelligent people who have ?

Today's episode on The School of Greatness is for you.

I met Dorie Clark at an author's dinner in NYC this winter. But it wasn't until after meeting her that I discovered her incredible history of standing out from the crowd.

She graduated college at 18, had her masters at 20 (from Harvard), and then went to work for major political campaigns.

But despite her experience with being the unique one in her circles, she struggled to find her niche.

So she turned that struggle into her passion, and her newest book takes on that exact dilemma: How do I stand out and make my ideas heard when so many other great voices are speaking loudly?

In our conversation we cover how to create an that will stand out, how to get started spreading it, and how to develop into a thought leader.

Dorie shares her incredible experience and freely and reveals how generous and kind she really is with her and heart.

If you're ready to get noticed and make an impact, don't miss Episode 166 with Dorie Clark.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How you sculpt yourself into the kind of person that is worth paying to
  • How to get started with standing out:
  • Combine disciplines from different fields – this makes possibilities present themselves
  • Question to ask yourself when looking for a standout idea:
  • Slow hunch – the process of being a few paces away from a complete idea while working it out
  • Halo effect – If you are perceived by others as being good at one thing, they will assume you are good at other (unrelated) things
  • 3 step process to building your following:
    Why we need to create more white space in our lives to let our minds wander (and how to do this)
  • Plus much more…

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