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Livestorm Simplifies Video Communications for Today's Remote Work Landscape

This simple but powerful video communication tool makes planning, conducting, and analyzing video calls, webinars, and more a breeze.

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In the past year, remote work became a novel experience for most Americans and it made significant inroads into the business landscape. Turns out, 26.7 percent of Americans, or approximately one in every four U.S. workers, will be fully remote by the end of 2021, according to an estimate from Upwork's most recent Future Workforce Pulse Report. And a substantial minority of the employees will prefer to work from home rather than head into the office for the foreseeable future. Although some business leaders may interpret this trend as a setback, others will view it in a more positive light and discover the opportunity to accommodate their employees—and get the best results from every team member—in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Courtesy of LiveStorm

As you already know, remote work is only possible thanks to advancements made in video communication technologies. After all, people in various roles still need to connect on a human level to collaborate with coworkers, buy and sell products or services to customers, and negotiate or manage projects with clients. So, it only makes sense that an entrepreneur wants to simplify their video communication technologies so that everything from scheduling video calls to hosting them works more quickly and smoothly for all involved. And that's where Livestorm, a powerful and easy-to-use video communication platform, delivers value to companies of all sizes.

This software streamlines the process of planning, conducting, and analyzing video-based communications for everyone inside and outside of a company. For starters, company employees can use Livestorm to quickly and easily set up everything from video meetings and webinars to product demos, online training sessions, and much more. Livestorm takes the complexity out of planning, in other words, making it possible to build fully branded registration pages in minutes for different types of events. Moreover, inviting coworkers to join those events is a breeze, which is critical for creating better user experiences for customers and prospects alike. Once everyone has registered, joining and participating is intuitive for both the people inside and outside the company.

First, attendees never need to download an app with Livestorm since it's a browser-based software. That not only means saving memory on devices but also allows for greater accessibility since anyone with a device that connects to the internet may join and participate. Second, employees can assign roles for themselves, such as host and moderator, to engage with attendees in meaningful ways. For example, a host may choose to bring an attendee "on stage" to conduct a Q&A component of a webinar or presentation. This interaction not only improves engagement between two people (the host and the attendee asking the question), but it also puts that conversation center stage for everyone else's benefit.

Finally, Livestorm empowers entrepreneurs to get data and insights from their video-based communications more easily than before. Livestorm, which integrates with 1,000+ apps, lets entrepreneurs get the data from their events (think the number of registrations, the number of attendees, etc.) into their CRM and marketing automation tools in just a few clicks. On top of that, Livestorm comes with enriched data, allowing company employees to get instant insights on attendees and keep in touch just as easily.

Remote work, a fad that only technology companies used to enjoy, is a workplace dynamic that is here to stay. From calls and webinars to product demos, video-based communications are essential for continued success in the business landscape in 2021 and beyond. Livestorm makes it easier to plan, conduct, and analyze video-based communications—no matter the size or industry of a company. Interested in learning more? Head on over to Livestorm today.

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