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Make a Splash

Your terrific idea won't go anywhere until you get into the minds of customers.

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Even if your product is the first in the marketplace, you maynot achieve the success you've hoped for if you neglect yourmarketing efforts. If you don't make any noise, eventuallysomebody else will get credit for being first.

Here's a guy who did make a lot of noise: He came up withthe idea to manufacture portable storage sheds. The shed isdelivered, empty, to your front door. You load it and then call fora pickup truck to come get it and store it in a secure compound.His idea grabbed people because he did plenty of marketing to keyniche groups like people preparing to move, college students goinghome for the summer and retirees looking to downsize from a home toa condo.

Excerpted from 303 Marketing Tips: Guaranteed To Boost YourBusiness

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