Nurse Makes $2 Million In One Year With Side Hustle Selling Class Notes Online Stephanee Beggs, an emergency room nurse based in California, found a way to capitalize on the similar struggle that all RNs go through during schooling.

By Emily Rella

Being a nurse is certainly no easy profession, and the process to become one is just as grueling.

Stephanee Beggs, an emergency room nurse based in California, found a way to capitalize on the similar struggle that all RNs go through — she's earned over $2 million in one year by selling her study guides and notes on Etsy to others going through the same schooling.

Beggs has gained viral fame on TikTok where she boasts over 653,600 followers and has received over 8.9 million likes across her videos, where she teaches easy-to-follow lectures and goes through study sheets and notes for nursing students who are approaching their boards.

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"I was studying for the boards exam, what we call the N.C.L.E.X. for nursing. And it was right when the pandemic happened, so I had nobody to study with," Beggs explained during an interview on Fox's "Varney & Co." earlier this week. "I would teach myself to the wall and I would record it. And then I posted that onto social media and people loved it."

The RN then began selling her study sheets through Etsy, in a shop that she named RNExplained which provides her fans on social media with tangible, hard copies of the same lectures and subjects that she teaches in her videos.

The key to Beggs' success is in the affordability of her products. Instead of hiring a private tutor or paying for extra study classes, aspiring nurses can buy Beggs' sheets for as low as $2 a pop, class-specific subject bundles for $30-40, or $150 for a bundle that covers nearly everything a student would need to know for their boards.

"I passed the boards a long time ago, and now I sell them for students who are approaching the board's exam and taking tests in nursing school," Beggs explained.

She was named to Forbes 30 under 30 North America for 2023 thanks to her profitable side hustle.

"There are times when it can feel overwhelming because I know that hundreds of thousands of people are turning to me for videos and I want to show up for them," Beggs told Insider in an interview earlier this month. "It's also humbling and exciting seeing how many people have gravitated toward my TikTok videos and study sheets."

As of last month, the average salary for an emergency room nurse in California was $85,282.

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