Get Employees to Think Long-Term

Tie their job performance objectives to your long-range goals.

All members of your team should know your organization'sobjectives. If they don't, you need to make sure everybodylearns what your objectives are as soon as possible. Oncethat's done, you or your managers can set goals for eachemployee that are in keeping with your long-range plans and thencreate a formal reward program that's directly tied toachieving these objectives. Formal rewards not only help reinforcethe importance of organizational objectives, they also add anelement of fun. For example, assign each employee tasks that can beeasily measured and, once accomplished, reward them with a giftcertificate or a day off. Give the office a common goal and plan acelebration when the goal is accomplished. By delivering thesetypes of positive reinforcement, you'll find that employeeswill find it easier to meet their goals and help your company meetits goals, too.

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