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Subway Is Overhauling Its Entire Menu

Customers will see a new menu roll out on July 13 in what the sandwich chain is calling the "largest menu update in [the] brand's history."


In order to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the fast-food industry, many chains have begun to get creative about how to keep their menus fresh and enticing.

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For some, paradoxically, this means bringing back old and retired items for good or for limited runs, like the return of Pizza Hut's "The Edge' Pizza or Taco Bell's fan-favorite Quesalupa.

Others have experimented with completely new menu items, especially as the chicken sandwich wars wage onward, like Burger King and Wendy's.

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Subway, however, is attempting a near complete overhaul of its menu, debuting new items and ingredients while also bringing back sandwiches from the past.

Dubbed the "Eat Fresh Refresh," Subway customers will see a new menu roll out on July 13 in what the sandwich chain is calling the "largest menu update in [the] brand's history."

The menu will have over 20 changes, including six brand new or returning subs for customers to order, 11 major ingredient changes, two new breads (Artisan Italian and Hearty Multigrain) and changes to four of its major sandwiches.

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"Our new culinary team is delivering monumental updates to the entire core menu," Subway's President of North America, Trevor Haynes, said in a statement. "The Eat Fresh Refresh makes Subway better than ever with freshly made, crave able and delicious sandwiches to excite new and returning guests."

Other changes include the addition of smashed avocado, hickory-smoked bacon and new vinaigrettes and sauces.

One menu item that won't be affected by the overhaul? Tuna. The ingredient caused quite a controversy for the brand last month when it was reported that the protein at the Subway restaurants did not in fact show traces of tuna DNA when tested.

"Subway sources tuna from leading global food suppliers that have a reputation for working diligently with food safety and quality experts to ensure consistent, high-quality products at every stage of the supply chain," the brand stated firmly.

Subway restaurants around the country will close early on July 12 in order for employees to "refresh and get ready" ahead of the launch.

The chain will also be doling out one million free six-inch Turkey Cali Fresh sandwiches (one of the menus new additions) from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. the morning of the launch.

There are currently about 21,500 Subway restaurants in the United States, all of which are franchised — about 2,000 locations were shuttered last year amid the pandemic, according to reports.

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