The 25 Highest Paying Jobs in the United States Glassdoor rolled out its annual study for 2018.

By Nina Zipkin

In the market for a new job or a career change? If money is your top concern, career site Glassdoor today released its annual study of the 25 highest paying jobs in the United States.

If you’re looking in the tech industry, you’re in the luck. Thirteen out of 25 jobs on the list are tech gigs, including positions that are new additions to Glassdoor's list such as cloud engineer and data scientist. Medicine also ranks high, featuring in the top three of the list: physician, pharmacy manager and pharmacists.

The researchers at Glassdoor found that 67 percent of employees and job seekers said that salary is a key part of their decision-making process, but it is not the only indicator that a job will the right fit.

“We know that salary matters a lot to job seekers when determining where to work, but it should not be the only factor to consider,” said Glassdoor Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell in a summary of the findings. “We’ve found that company culture and values, career opportunities and trust in senior leadership matter most when it comes to keeping employees satisfied in their jobs long term.”

Check out the top 25 highest paying jobs in the country below. And let us know, what are the qualities that make a job valuable to you?

Data Scientist

Median base salary: $96,116

Tax Manager

Median base salary: $96,175

Cloud Engineer

Median base salary: $96,449


Median base salary: $96,678

Consulting Manager

Median base salary: $97,154

Scrum Master

Median base salary: $98,239

Systems Architect

Median base salary: $100,984

Strategy Manager

Median base salary: $101,754

Data Architect

Median base salary: $101,900

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Median base salary: $102,155

Solutions Architect

Median base salary: $102,160

IT Program Manager

Median base salary: $102,969

Plant Manager

Median base salary: $103,892

Applications Development Manager

Median base salary: $104,048

Engineering Manager

Median base salary: $105,260

Software Architect

Median base salary: $105,329

Nurse Practitioner

Median base salary: $106,962

Software Engineering Manager

Median base salary: $107,479

Physician Assistant

Median base salary: $108,761

Software Development Manager

Median base salary: $108,879

Corporate Counsel

Median base salary: $115,580

Enterprise Architect

Median base salary: $115,944


Median base salary: $127,120

Pharmacy Manager

Median base salary: $146,412


Median base salary: $195,842

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Nina Zipkin is a staff writer at She frequently covers leadership, media, tech, startups, culture and workplace trends.

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