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The Legacy of Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi is credited with pioneering California's wine industry.

The Legacy of Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi Winery
Oakville, California

For over 150 years, grapes have been grown in the narrow valley of Napa County producing not only fine wines, but also the deep-seeded legacy that is Robert Mondavi Winery . Set upon a foundation carrying a long history of innovation, education, arts, and achievement, the mission-style architecture of this iconic winery stands as a symbol of Napa.

Having been accredited with pioneering California's wine industry, Robert Mondavi's philosophy that "wine, food, and the arts are the keys to a gracious way of life," utilizes cultural programs in order to harmonize wine with people, food, and art. This innovative spirit brought the world of wine to California and California to the world. Today this passion for leadership and love of excellence drives Robert Mondavi Winery forward.

Sharing Robert's vision of "the good life and wine's place in it," Director of Winemaking Genevieve Janssens is crafting elegant, world-class wines that complement food and create a visionary style that is simply California. Utilizing the French manner, yet maintaining a fruit concentration that is classic Napa Valley, her secret to winemaking success is to focus on quality through a holistic approach in caring for these extraordinary vineyards. Regarded as one of the Napa Valley's gems, To Kalon Vineyard, Greek for "the beautiful," was named as much for its picturesque beauty as for the outstanding quality of grapes produced on this historic property.

Relaxing by the fireplace in To Kalon Tasting Room allows visitors an opportunity to enjoy a handcrafted taste of history. However, reflection on this winery's past is not without admiration for its future. Resources are constantly devoted to vineyard research and development in order to spearhead progressive natural farming techniques and new technologies that yield the utmost in quality grapes and therefore sensational wines.

Robert Mondavi Winery opened the door to the future of American fine wine and continues to stand in the company of the great wines of the world.

What to Buy:
'05 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon Juicy berries, violets, rich fruit, plum, chocolate $45
'06 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Deep, blackberry, currants, rich vanilla, thyme, cinnamon $28
'07 Fume Blanc Lemon verbena, white peach, kumquats $18
'07 Moscato D'Oro Fruity, spice, floral, orange blossom, rose petal $25

888.766.6328; Fax: 707.968.2206
7801 St. Helena Hwy
Oakville, CA 94562
Tasting Room Open Daily 10-5

Getting There:
Located off Hwy 29, between the towns of Oakville and Rutherford.

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