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You Can Generate Your Own Viral LinkedIn Post With This Hilarious Tool

You, too, can be a LinkedIn influencer in just three easy steps.


It's a viral LinkedIn recipe -- just add cringe.

On LinkedIn, popular posts seem to have similar themes, such as copious space between lines of text, clichéd advice, and dramatic recountings of success or failure. Some are more obnoxious than others. But now, you can generate your own perfect LinkedIn post using AI through the "viral post generator."

You can input three pieces of data: what you did today, your inspirational advice, and the cringe level. Last week, a Twitter user pointed out the tool, and the post went viral.

Entrepreneur tested out the feature. Input:

  • "What did you do today?" Became editor in chief of Entrepreneur
  • "Inspirational advice," Never, ever give up, and always buff your sparkle
  • "Cringe level" Turned up to maximum.

As it loads, the generator tells you, "You're going to be a LinkedIn influencer!" Here is our result:

The site says it was created by marketing company Taplio and Tom Orbach. The latter is a LinkedIn expert and is listed as the founder of viral post generator, whose LinkedIn profile says it was acquired by Taplio.

One of Taplio's co-founders, Alex Berman, responded to Entrepreneur's request for comment via LinkedIn.

"Linkedin is a rapidly growing platform and this acquisition is working well for us. We saw a 4x boost in daily traffic but only time will tell if it pays off for long-term growth," Berman wrote.

"Would love to find and acquire more fun LinkedIn projects like this one!" he added.

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