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How Much Do Engineers, Software Developers, and Analysts Make at Apple? See Salary List Using application data from highly-skilled foreign workers, Insider revealed a range of salaries at the tech giant.

By Gabrielle Bienasz

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Apple campus in Cupertino.

Working at Apple can pay off.

Insider analyzed data from H-1B visa applications to estimate how much the tech giant is paying its employees.

The lowest salary the outlet cited was $62,733, and the highest was a whopping $415,000. It does not include stock-based pay.

The data used is accessible to anyone and is from the U.S. Office of Foreign Labor Certification, and the agency provided the organizational divisions for the jobs, the outlet reported.

To bring in skilled workers from overseas, companies can apply to sponsor people through the H-1B visa program. That program specifically requires companies to promise they're paying the non-U.S. worker similarly to U.S. workers.

Apple has stood apart from the tech layoff bloodbath, exceeding analyst expectations in its most recent quarterly earnings report. The company says it directly employs 80,000 people in the U.S. alone.

Its annual September product event showed a new iPhone model, a new satellite emergency text service, and a new Apple Watch.

Here's a selection of roles and pay from Insider's analysis:

Software developers

AR/VR Software Development Engineer: $153,000 to $200,000

AR/VR Software Development Engineer: (systems software) $127,000 to $230,000

Software Development Engineer - UI: $132,000 to $205,000

Machine Learning Engineer: $137,000 to $174,256

Software Integrity Engineer: $112,961 to $174,000

Production Services Engineer: $159,375 to $196,500

Tools & Automation Engineer: $122,120 to $200,000

Engineering Project Manager: $135,000 to $278,750


Financial Analyst: $94,224 to $158,464

Business Systems Analyst: $108,938 to $157,850

Data Scientist: $119,000 to $210,000

Strategic Sourcing Manager: $125,000 to $172,771

Professional Services Consultant: $148,000 to $205,000

Project Manager: $125,000 to $188,000

Operations Research Analyst: $84,822 to $184,850

WW SDM Planner: $135,000 to $149,831


Production Services Engineer: $120,000 to $152,955

Software Development Engineer - Applications Manager: $173,102 to $290,000

Software Development Engineer - Manager: $174,449 to $270,000

Design Verification Engineer: $122,040 to $217,835

Software QE Engineer Manager: $161,670 to $217,203

Information Security Manager: $215,000 to $241,606

Software Development Engineer Manager: $171,000 to $282,500


Engineering Program Manager: $180,000 to $190,000

Power Engineer: $145,676 to $179,566

Supply Chain Program Manager: $131,764 to $146,353

Software Development Engineer - Test: $129,413 to $196,000

Product Compliance Engineer: $156,494 to $167,363

Performance and Modeling Engineer: $138,372 to $174,299

GPU Static Timing Analysis Engineer: $135,000 to $165,000

Layout Engineer: $134,138 to $194,750


HI Designer: (multimedia and animators) $139,000 to $220,000

Marcom Designer: $137,000 to $165,000

Graphic Designer: $62,733 to $92,851

HI Designer: (commercial and industrial) $196,000 to $230,000

HI Designer: (graphic designer) $140,000 to $275,000


Manufacturing Quality Engineer Manager: $165,867 to $210,137

Operations Engineering Management: $187,476 to $208,030

Marketing Manager: $169,790 to $275,000

Engineering Project Manager: $130,000 to $250,000

Strategic Sourcing Manager: $146,925 to $194,204

Manufacturing Design Engineer Manager: $161,599 to $177,654

Gabrielle Bienasz is a staff writer at Entrepreneur. She previously worked at Insider and Inc. Magazine. 

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