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Elon Musk Accidentally Revealed His Personal Address on Twitter

Even tech CEOs are prone to simple errors.


Although Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk frequently interacts with his almost 104 million Twitter followers, his time and attention continue to be in high demand from his fans, followers, and colleagues.

JIM WATSON | Getty Images

So it should be safe to assume that a billionaire CEO like Musk is on top of his game in terms of technology and intelligence. But it looks like a small mistake on Twitter might have accidentally just made him a little too accessible.

Over the weekend, Musk shared a photo on Twitter of a letter he received from Stanford professor Bill Nix, addressed to Musk at his SpaceX headquarters.

Musk explained that Nix would have been his professor had he chosen to enroll in the University.

What Musk forgot to do, however, was cover his address that was blatantly listed on the piece of paper which was blasted to his 104 million

The billionaire made light of it in a follow-up Tweet where he joked that he "might need a new PO Box after tweeting this."

His followers poked fun at him too, calling attention to the address right away.

"Now we know where to send the birthday cards," one fan joked.

"Elon about to get a bunch of crazy packages," another said which warranted a crying laughing emoji in response from Musk.

As of Monday morning, Musk still hadn't deleted the post.

Musk made waves on the platform last week when he joked about buying premier soccer league team Manchester United before clearing the air that he wasn't actually seriously considering the purchase, much to the dismay of many fans.

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