A Woman Is Suing Disney World After Suffering 'Injurious' Waterslide Wedgie at Typhoon Lagoon Emma McGuinness was going down the Humunga Kowabunga waterslide when the incident occurred.

By Sam Silverman

Key Takeaways

  • The plaintiff claims the incident wouldn't have occurred if she was advised on proper safety protocols.
  • The lawsuit states that the ride is "unsafe and unreasonably dangerous."

A day at the waterpark turned awry for one Walt Disney World Resort parkgoer.

Emma McGuinness is suing Disney World for $50,000 in damages after suffering an "injurious wedgie" at the resort's Typhoon Lagoon waterpark during a birthday trip in 2019, according to the complaint obtained by Fox Business.

Per the complaint, the plaintiff was celebrating her 30th birthday when she went down the Humunga Kowabunga slide, which plummets riders into a pool at approximately 40 mph. McGuinness claims she wasn't advised on proper safety measures, like crossing her legs as a woman's anatomy is more prone to injury.

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After McGuinness's ride ended, she "experienced immediate and severe pain internally" and started bleeding, per the complaint. She was rushed to the hospital and "suffered severe and permanent bodily injury" including injuries to several named "internal organs," according to the lawsuit.

McGuinness alleges that the incident wouldn't have occurred if she was advised on safety protocols and was told to wear an additional barrier of clothing for protection.

Entrepreneur has reached out to Disney World for comment.

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