Business Idea Center - Financial

Mortgage Broker

Help clients get the mortgages they need to purchase a home.

Stock Day Trader

Consider investing in this business if buying and selling is your specialty.

Tax Accountant

Help clients organize their taxes to get the biggest return.

Leasing Agent

Connect clients with companies leasing the products they want.

Online Loans

Draw customers browsing for loans online.

Equities Day Trader

Experience Wall Street action without the suit trading stocks and commodities from home.

Tax Preparation Service

Your accounting and tax prep skills can give customers time to stop and smell the roses in April.


Use your accounting and financial experience to start a bookkeeping service.

Venture Capital Broker

Help entrepreneurs who need funding connect with VC firms.

Online Venture Capital Forum

Help investment-seekers from far and wide with an online VC resource.

Franchise Specialist

Help business owners start franchising their concepts and help smaller franchisors grow their organizations as a franchise specialist.

Fundraising Consultant

Use your sales and financial experience to be a fundraising consultant.

Expense Reduction Analyst

Save people money as an expense reduction analyst.