River Rafting

Startup Costs: $10,000 - $50,000
Franchises Available? No
Online Operation? No

White-water river rafting is a low-cost, mini adventure trip that almost anyone can participate in. White-water rafting excursions can be advertised to the general public as well as schools, corporations, and clubs to gain customers. There is no marketing magic here. This is a good business and a fun adventure that does not require a lot of arm twisting to get people excited about paying you to go rafting. With that being said, you will still want to separate yourself from any competition and seek your niche in the marketplace.

Needed Equipment

You and your employees that will be operating either the paddle-style rafts or motorized-style rafts will be required to get a license, which is commonly referred to as a river guide certificate. Likewise, all employees will need certification in first aid and river rescue techniques. You will also be required to carry a substantial amount of liability insurance. All of these certification courses are widely offered by outdoor instruction and certification companies. Additional information about these companies can usually be obtained from local police and fire departments. In terms of equipment, there are generally two types of river rafts used in this business venture. The first is a motorized inflatable raft, and the second is, an inflatable paddle raft. All boats and passengers have to be equipped with safety gear such as life vests and helmets.

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