Jane Khedair

Executive Director, Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital, London Business School

Jane Khedair is the Executive Director of London Business School’s Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital (IEPC). The IEPC, together with AstroLabs, is supporting the 2023 MENA Startup Competition. 



Navigating Success Through The MENA's Entrepreneurial Networks

The region's dynamic networking landscape has many benefits for entrepreneurs, who need to be patient and understand the nuances of the ecosystem.

Starting a Business

The Challenges Of Change In The MENA Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

With startups in the region attracting a significant US$4 billion in venture capital during 2021-2022, it is evident that MENA is brimming with innovative and non-traditional thinkers.


A New Era Of Innovation: How MENA Entrepreneurs Can Get On The Fast Track To Success

Underpinning the growth and success of a new business is having access to the right support and mentorship to help navigate the entrepreneurship pathway.

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