The Facilitator: Zeina Tabari Drake & Scull International Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Zeina Tabari empowers her team in order to succeed together.

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Zeina Tabari

Being upper management in male-dominated industries isn't easy, but putting yourself on equal footing can be achieved through direct communication, delivery of assets, and serious attention to detail when searching for windows of opportunity and areas pertaining to business development. "The most important rule I have learned to succeed in the professional sphere is to be committed, passionate, and have clarity and conviction of the desired objectives and goals. It is essential to communicate clearly to all stakeholders -internally and externally- and empower your team in order to succeed together. Motivation, dedication and follow-up are the keys to success," says Zeina Tabari. She may have started out as a human resources manager at Drake & Scull International (DSI), but Tabari was quick to climb the corporate ladder at the organization, playing a major role in its transformation from being a private family-owned business to a public company with an AED1.2 billion IPO. Today, Tabari is the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of DSI PJ, where she is in charge of managing the company's relations with its investors. Tabari, an MBA grad of Webster Graduate School, London, acts as one of the principal spokespeople on behalf of DSI PJSC, and heads up the company's global arms of Corporate IT, Corporate Communications, and HR.

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