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Manifesting Success: Seven Steps That Can Help Transform Your Professional Life Self-development coach and manifesting expert Roxie Nafousi shares practical steps to help level up your career.

By Roxie Nafousi

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Manifesting is using the power of your mind to change and create the reality you experience. To manifest means to make it happen.

To me, manifestation is a self-development practice and a way of living. It is rooted in science, wisdom, and philosophy, and, when practiced correctly, it can help improve every area of your life. It helps you to unlock your limitless potential, and it empowers you to reach your goals.

It is important to note that manifesting is not just about wishful thinking, or about merely visualizing what you want, and waiting for it to happen- which a common misconception about manifestation. In fact, manifesting is about taking action, being proactive, and taking control of your life. Countless celebrities, CEOs, and leaders have attributed their success to manifestation. So, how does it really work?

In January 2022, I shared my own seven-step guide to manifestation in my book Manifest: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life to teach people everything they needed to know about manifestation. I used these steps to help transform both my personal and professional life, and now, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have done the same. The steps are practical, and easy to follow, and here I am going to share a taster on how you can use them to level up your career and/or business.


To begin, you must first identify clear and tangible goals for the next six months/one year/five years. Remember that we can't get to where we want to go, if we don't first know where it is we are headed. Clarify your goals, and be as specific as you can with them. I encourage you to be bold and courageous with these goals. In other words, dream big.

Try this: Do a visualization meditation– neuroscience has proven that regular visualizations will help prime the subconscious parts of your brain to help you to reach your goals.


We manifest what we believe we are worthy of receiving. It is important to leave our insecurities at the door by healing them, and letting them go. You must stop standing in your own way. We must build our self-worth, and start to believe that we are capable of great things. In my book, I provide lots of guidance and tools to use to help you unlock more confidence.

Try this: Repeat this positive affirmation every day: "I am capable of anything I put my mind to."


Do the work! Take action, be proactive, and be willing to step outside your comfort zone. This is how we create the change we are seeking. Instead of waiting for things to happen, go make them happen. Show up as your future self would, and be willing to take risks.

Try this: When making any decision, ask yourself: "What would I do if fear or doubt weren't standing in my way?"

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Roxie Nafousi's debut book, Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life, has become a global success since it entered the market in January 2022, and is widely regarded as the must-have guide to manifestation.


This step is all about the importance of reframing challenges, rejections, and obstacles. On any manifesting journey, we will be faced with all three– it is an inevitable part of life. But how we respond determines where we end up. See challenges as opportunities for growth and for learning. Persist through them, and do not allow them to deter you from your path.

Try this: When faced with a challenge, write down all the lessons you are learning from it, and what you can do differently next time.


Developing an attitude of gratitude encourages a positive mindset that will influence our whole reality. It will allow us to see more opportunities, and to sit in an abundant mindset that will ultimately help us to attract more abundance to us.

Try this: Within my own company, I ask each member of the team to send through a gratitude list every Friday, which we all read together. On these lists, we write down all the good things that happened at work in the week. It reminds us of the progress we are making, and it keeps us all feeling positive and motivated. It is an incredible practice for team morale. I highly recommend trying it as a team, or even for yourself at the end of each working week.


It is easy to feel envious of our competitors, and it can have negative repercussions. For example, it might encourage us to copy what another company or individual is doing, instead of staying authentic to our own message or purpose. Envy can also trigger insecurities or feelings of not being enough, which can impact our behavior at work. I encourage people to, instead, be inspired by other peoples' success, by allowing them to show you what is possible.

Try this: Actively seek out inspiration. Read books, speak to people, or watch documentaries about people who have succeeded doing something similar to you.


This final step is all about trust and surrender. This allows us to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of business with greater ease, and less panic. We can trust that everything is working the way it is supposed to and that good things are coming our way.

This is just a small overview of the seven steps, but I hope it's clear to see how these practical steps would help you to reach your goals. I strongly encourage everyone to use them as a guide to help them, no matter what stage of their career journey they are at.

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Roxie Nafousi is a self-development coach, inspirational speaker, manifesting expert, and two-time Sunday Times bestselling author. Her commitment to transforming the lives of people who suffer with emotional and mental health issues, and helping them to fulfil their potential, has seen her become a renowned figure in the wellness world. Her debut book, Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life, has become a global success since it entered the market in January 2022, and is widely regarded as the must-have guide to manifestation. Hailed as ‘the manifesting queen’ by Forbes and Financial Times, Roxie brings her unique approach to self-development across the world, hosting corporate workshops for the world’s largest companies including Google, Meta, Rothschild, and many more. Roxie also hosts her own sell-out workshops and webinars.
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