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Reinventing The Art Of Hospitality: Paris Society Group Is Setting Its Sights On The Middle East Founded in 2008 by French entrepreneur Laurent de Gourcuff, Paris Society has become a leading name in the events, hospitality, and entertainment domains in France. Now through its partnership with hospitality giant Accor it has its sights set on the Middle East.

By Tamara Pupic

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Paris Society
Laurent de Gourcuff, founder, Paris Society Group

With its offerings in the events, restaurants, and festive activity sectors, the Paris Society Group has been long known as one of the key players in France's hospitality sector, and now, the brand's signature style of entertainment is being brought to the Middle East. "Paris Society has targeted Dubai as a priority destination for its development abroad," says CEO Sebastien Pacault. "We have already started working on the export of our strongest brands in the coming months."

The expansion of the Paris Society Group into the Middle East is the result of its alliance with another leader in the hospitality sector: Accor. According to Pacault, the partnership has proved to be a real springboard for his company's growth and development. "Accor has many venues, and we have concepts to integrate into them," he explains. "They have the containers, and we have the content. We are constantly looking for new venues, and Accor is already present all over the world, so this support has allowed us to enter a new phase in our evolution with development abroad, notably in Dubai and London."

Founded in 2008 by French entrepreneur Laurent de Gourcuff, Paris Society has become a leading name in the events, hospitality, and entertainment domains in France, with Pacault revealing that it has a turnover of over EUR150 million and more than 1,200 employees prior to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. "The Paris Society Group is developed around three pillars," Pacault says. "The first is CLUBS, the heart and soul of Parisian nightlife with emblematic establishments like Raspoutine and Chez Castel. These include clubs with strong identities, driven by a real artistic direction, but also, open-air concert venues such as La Clairière and Bagatelle, in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne."

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"The second is TABLES, our exceptional restaurants where nothing is left to chance," he continues. "We make each restaurant a place to live, by offering a private atmosphere, a perfect service and an amazing cuisine that can be found nowhere else- think Monsieur Bleu, Girafe, Apicius, Mun. Finally, we have PLACES, which is a unique portfolio of event venues. It is a catalog of iconic and exclusive venues, from breathtaking rooftops to Le Château de Longchamp in the Bois de Boulogne, from emblematic clubs to exceptional spaces hidden within Parisian museums." All of what Paris Society offers can be drawn down to a singular theme, Pacault adds. "We are the pioneers of the French lifestyle," he explains. "Hospitality is the value that best sums up our DNA: a blend of generosity, kindness, and cordiality in the way we welcome and treat our guests. The Group is driven by this ambition, to reinvent the art of hospitality. We are passionate and surrounded by the most motivated individuals; our collaborators are the best in their field, visionaries that are daring and engaged. From our chefs to our managers, we all share one ambition: to offer the best... Surprising locations, breathtaking views, hidden treasures; we select them always with the will to create unique experiences for our clients."

Paris Society currently operates in France, particularly in Paris, but also in Saint-Tropez and Marseille, with Pacault adding that openings are also being planned in Megève, Courchevel and Val d'Isère. In terms of its presence outside of France, Paris Society has opened its first restaurant in London called Louie, while its Raspoutine club now has outposts in Marrakech, Rome, and Los Angeles-Pacault reveals here that it will soon be opening up a location in Miami as well. "We don't follow the trend, we create it," Pacault declares. "Every day, we try to bring a new vision of the hospitality sector by creating new experiences."

That said, Pacault admits that Paris Society's ambitions have faced significant hurdles owing to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The coronavirus pandemic did cause the closure of Paris Society's establishments, but Pacault notes that this unprecedented situation has allowed him and his team to refine their development strategy as well. "We remain optimistic, and we are getting ready for the recovery," he says. "Our opening plans are still on track, as is our development in France and abroad; our teams remain involved. After this crisis, people will want to get together and celebrate life, and this is exactly what we will give to them."

According to Pacault, it is Paris Society's desire to develop some of its finest brands in the cities that are making a difference that is going to keep it a thriving business in the long run. "Our success is based on the experience we provide to our customers," he concludes. "We are creative, and we must stay creative to remain a trendsetter. Our goal is to promote the French art of hospitality that we embody, and make Paris Society a global hospitality leader."

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Tamara Pupic

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East

Tamara Pupic is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Middle East.

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