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Six Signs Your Office Needs Custom Furniture Why settle for "more of the same" if you can create custom furniture that is tailor-made to fit your team's needs?

By Sidarth Menon

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Have you ever noticed that office furniture tends to be pretty consistent in design as you visit different offices throughout the city? Because the most common go-to solution is a large retail outlet with dozens of ready-made desks, chairs, and tables, we find that there isn't a great deal of variation in design from one location to the next.

But what about your company? Are you different? Why settle for "more of the same" if you can create custom furniture that is tailor-made to fit your team's needs? Here are six signs that you're ready to take the leap into the land of custom furniture.

1. Your team has unique needs

If you run a team with more than five people, chances are, you are noticing that each team member has unique needs. If you run an organization with more than one team, chances are, each team has needs specific to their activities.

While salespeople may prefer smaller, flexi-desks that are available as they come and go, customer support teams may favor comfort and privacy, and marketing teams may prefer environments where they can easily communicate and work together. Customizing furniture to fit the unique needs of the individuals in your team is not only a way to show your employees that their comfort is important, it also allows for increased productivity.

2. Branding is important

For some companies, branding is everything. Google, for example, has built a strong reputation globally for having a world-class quirky office with unique amenities.

Can you imagine a Coca-Cola corporate office that isn't tastefully adorned with red, white, and their iconic logo?

If you want to promote your brand identity to the market, it's important that you bring that brand in house for your team to enjoy it and live it.

3. Your team is outgrowing your space

Congratulations! The market loves your company and you need to grow your team in order to meet the growing demand for your product, but the furniture you bought from Dragon Mart when your only friend/partner/employee was your MacBook Air, doesn't seem to accommodate your growing needs.

Now what? It's far too expensive to move offices every time your team begins growing. Customizing furniture can be a much less expensive solution for catering your environment to your team as their size evolves.

4. Storage is getting tight

As companies grow, so does their clutter. In the age of open space office floor plans and glass walls, storage quickly becomes an issue and that clean, minimalist look you were going far seems to only make clutter more visible.

From office stationery, to employee documents, to branded merchandise, to client binders, to extra light bulbs and props from every holiday that involved a team photo, "stuff" has a way of piling up. Instead of shoving all miscellaneous items in a corner, clutter may just be your sign that it's time for custom solutions.

5. Ready to go green

Eco-friendly offices aren't just for organic coffee and juice companies anymore. Every day, more and more companies are choosing office furniture that is beautiful, practical, and easy on the environment.

With the growing popularity of distressed wood desks, benching, chairs, and tables in the interior design space, reclaimed wood serves as a great option for capturing the design trends of today as well as closing the supply chain loop.

6. You want happy, healthy employees

Happy, healthy employees are productive employees. Of course, you want your employees to be productive, right? By customizing furniture, we're able to provide employees with solutions specific to their needs and body type.

From standing desks, to laptop stands, to ergonomic chairs, if you want happy and healthy employees who are more energetic and productive throughout the day, customized furniture may be just what you need.

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Sidarth Menon

Founder, DesignKraft

Sidarth Menon is the founder of DesignKraft, a company that designs and manufactures modern, custom-made furniture, lighting and objects. After a decade in finance that took him to Toronto, Bangalore, London and the corners of Africa, he still couldn’t find the right furniture when he settled in Dubai so he set up a company to make it. He strongly believes in embracing consumers’ desire for more individual expression in their home. Compared to his life in finance, he describes being an entrepreneur as ‘more stress, better hours’!

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