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The Significance Of Emotional Intelligence In Hospitality I need to share the knowledge that I have learned over the past 25 years because everyone needs someone who can inspire them to take that risk, guide them towards their dream, or teach them something new.

By Rikhsibay Tursunov

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Growing up as a curious kid, I was always excited to discover something new, and as soon as I came up with a new idea, I wanted to test it out. Ideas for businesses always sprouted in my imagination as I interacted with different people and observed daily life.

When I first started working to help support my parents, I would try to learn and get guidance from people that had already worked in that field. I often found myself seeking advice from these intelligent people, but they were always too busy or stuck in their own little bubble, working hard to survive. They were unable to make time to teach me the ropes of life or guide me to follow my career path. Growing up in this environment was different for me.

Despite not being able to lean on others for knowledge, I had my mother, who was extremely positive and encouraging. I call her my hero because she constantly pushed me and guided me to follow my dreams. She was the one who put me on the right track and helped me build strong habits that later supported my career path.

Now that I have acquired years of experience and reached this senior level, I want to be the person who goes out of their way to offer guidance, advice, and help to anyone who needs it, without them asking me first. I try to make knowledge accessible to all the people who are curious enough to seek it. This is about being able to make a difference in people's lives.

I need to share the knowledge that I have learned over the past 25 years because everyone needs someone who can inspire them to take that risk, guide them towards their dream, or teach them something new. This is the main reason I started to write my book, Be The Change In The Hospitality Industry: A Guide To Higher Emotional Intelligence In Hospitality, to impact the world by offering new solutions within the hospitality industry and ultimately leave a legacy for the new generation.

Becoming a role model for my children and the young generation is very close to my heart. There are multiple individuals out there who have incredible stories, knowledge, and lessons to share with the world, but they find it extremely difficult to do so. I believe that once everyone shares their struggles, learnings, and endeavours, it can help others learn.

When we share, we ultimately feel happier and more positive. However, not everyone is comfortable becoming this vulnerable and that's because they either fear other people's judgements, they do not feel comfortable sharing their past shortcomings or they do not want to be replaced by someone who can do their job better than them. I strongly believe that only by sharing our wisdom can the future generation learn from our mistakes and lessons and become even more successful than us.

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Rikhsibay Tursunov is a highly motivated and passionate professional with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry working with luxury hotels. Before becoming a well-known individual with high emotional intelligence, he was merely a little boy in the village who was trying to provide for his family at the young age of fourteen. Trying multiple business ventures – like selling vegetables in the bazaar and Samsa at the animal market – helped him learn the true meaning of patience, perseverance, discipline, and genuine communication through connection. Now, emotional intelligence, empathy and understanding are the three main pillars that drive his leadership style. Over the years, Rikhsibay’s communication skills and friendly personality have brought together multiple teams by creating an amicable, open, and reliable working environment for all. His eagerness towards mentoring the younger generation and empowering employees to grow stems from his lack of mentors when growing up. This is why, presently, Rikhsibay is constantly looking for new ways to share his knowledge, experience, and advice with anyone interested so they can have someone to turn to for guidance. The accomplished, results-driven business leader from the Luxury Hotel & Leisure sector is now working towards sharing his experience and knowledge of creating a comfortable, efficient, and lively work environment.

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