Book Review: The Daily Edge By David Horsager

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Imagine a typical day in your office or one of the multitude of offices around you. Examine that day. Are you efficient? Are you getting the things done you need to do to make an impact? If your answer is sometimes, no or maybe, then you need this book. David Horsager has written a how-to guide on streamlining your efficiency in the office, and to aid you in achieving things daily that actually do have an impact on your overall position.


Source: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

At its most basic, The Daily Edge is about workflow and productivity but if you take the time to go deeper and really implement the truly practical hints on a regular basis, you will see a change. Horsager even provides the web addresses for various YouTube videos to help you implement his concepts. Use this book when you need a reworking of your time management to increase efficiency and get things done (despite distractions).