The Executive Selection: BLEU DE CHANEL To encourage smooth facial hair regrowth, and prevent sensitivity and irritation from your shaving routine, you're going to want to get your product choices right.

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THE Q How can I get the best possible shave?

THE A To encourage smooth facial hair regrowth, and prevent sensitivity and irritation from your shaving routine, you're going to want to get your product choices right. Begin by choosing a shaving foam, shaving cream or shaving gel from a quality skincare or better fragrance house. Why? Because spending more on a trusted brand (often, but not always) means your product goes a lot further and serves multiple purposes like preventing ingrown hairs.

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Choosing a better quality product also means that you'll be protecting your skin from the shaving rough and tumble that often results (like razor nicks and cuts). Coarse facial hair, especially in the shaving area, is approximately the same thickness as a copper wire, so once you've shelled out for a good razor you're going to want to take the same care in choosing ancillary products. To prevent painful razor burn and irritations, apply the shaving product and allow it to set for one full minute prior to shaving- this reduces friction and preps the area for the razor.


PRO TIP Denser shaving product (in gel, cream or foam formats) allow for a closer and cleaner shave by helping to raise the hair.

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