The Executive Selection: S. T. Dupont As a brand that prides itself on crafting "exceptional products for exceptional people," S.T. Dupont's ethos has attracted people from all around the world– including the Middle East.

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S. T. Dupont
Alain Crevet, CEO, S. T. Dupont

As the CEO of S. T. Dupont, Alain Crevet sits at the helm of a boutique French luxury brand with a history and heritage dating all the way back to 1872. Indeed, Crevet's own association with the prestigious label started long before he became its CEO- he recalls fondly the time when he was gifted a S. T. Dupont lighter by his father for his 18th birthday, which was the first ever luxury product he owned.

Of course, it's easy to see why Crevet was so joyful about receiving a S. T. Dupont creation- this is, after all, a brand that prides itself on crafting "exceptional products for exceptional people." It's this brand ethos that has attracted people from all around the world –including the Middle East- to become aficionados of the savoir flaire that S. T. Dupont espouses, which is exemplified in everything from the choice leather its craftsmen use, or the lacquer finishes that are a class apart by themselves.

The S .T. Dupont Picasso Limited Edition collection. Image credit: S. T. Dupont

On a recent trip to Dubai, Crevet highlighted how S. T. Dupont's myth, roots, and expertise have found favor with the Middle East's discerning clientele, with its writing instruments and lighters being the products of choice here. But Crevet notes that his brand has also made it a priority to reciprocate the interest shown by this region- S. T. Dupont has created products catering specifically to the Arab world, be it with pens and lighters featuring horse and falcon motifs, as well as, more recently, prayer beads made of silver and stones like amber, amethyst, malachite and tiger eye. This is, once again, a continuation of S. T. Dupont's spirit of being masters in l'art de vivre, the art of living well- and boy, do they make it look good.

The S .T. Dupont Picasso Limited Edition collection. Image credit: S. T. Dupont

Artistry On Hand: The S. T. Supont Picasso Limited Edition Collection

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." So said Pablo Picasso, and French luxury brand S. T. Dupont is paying homage to the iconic artist's words by creating a limited edition of products bearing his name, which would make for exceptional gifts that testify also to your discerning taste. This distinctive line of products –which includes pens, lighters, and accessories- all feature Picasso's Profil de femme, made in 1965, with the artist's delicate lines, in the case of the lighters, etched into the natural lacquer work of its panels, while in the case of the writing instruments, the drawing is wrapped around their lids.

The S .T. Dupont Picasso Limited Edition collection. Image credit: S. T. Dupont

The scribes among you will also appreciate the black diamond leather diary released as part of this collection- it has Picasso's artwork reproduced in embossed silver, and yes, its appeal cannot be understated.

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