Five Ways to Leverage Facebook's Latest Algorithm Overhaul With Facebook's new algorithm overhaul, here are some new strategies you can implement.

By Briar Prestidge

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A recent announcement regarding a huge overhaul to the Facebook algorithm has left many businesses, brands, and media outlets worried. In an effort to create more meaningful interactions between friends and family, Facebook has announced that they are now segregating the newsfeed, such that brands will now appear in a new "Explore" feed- a change that could happen in a matter of days.

In a statement on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, "Since there's more public content than posts from your friends and family, the balance of what's in News Feed has shifted away from the most important thing Facebook can do- help us connect with each other... As we roll this out, you'll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media."

Social media is now a huge component of any business' marketing strategy. Often, there is a delegated person (or entire team!) in charge of creating content that attracts their target audience. High quality content increases brand awareness, and prompts people to visit their website and buy their product. Given the advancement in technology, it's never been so easy to create appealing videos and pictures.

And with content gurus like Neil Patel and Gary Vanyerchuk inspiring us, there is more and more content being produced than ever before. A few years ago, it was far easier for brands to reach their target audience organically, but changes to the Facebook algorithm has prompted brands to pay for boosted posts or paid advertising to try to get the impressions and engagement that they once had.

And now Facebook is about to make perhaps the biggest shift in its newsfeed ever revealed which has left many publishers concerned. To stop your content hitting an all-time low, here are some new strategies you can implement:

1. Leverage Your Personal Brand You are an extension of your business, and no matter what your delegation is, now is a perfect time for you to market your product or service. A popular TEDx talk by Simon Sinek encourages us to speak about our "why"- why is it you do what you do? Why should people work with you over your competitor? Post a status or video of you telling and showing people what makes your product or service so special.

2. Deliver your message through real people Over the last couple of years, we have seen the social impact that delivering your brand message through an "influencer" can have, so building relationships with people who share your target audience will become as important as ever. Over time, influencers have earned their audience's trust, and they know how to communicate with them, making them the perfect channel to showcase your product.

3. Use Facebook Live Facebook suggests that by going live, you can get up to six times more reach or engagement. All you need is your iPhone, and a topic that adds value to discuss with your target audience.

4. Diversify your social channels Increase your focus on driving traffic through Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Concentrate on producing high quality content that is tailored to each channel with a strong call to action directing people to visit your website.

5. Create Groups Facebook encourages engagement, and by creating a relevant group for your brand, you can leverage your product. Inspire your group to share their own content also and consider communicating with them using Facebook live to gain even more traction.

It will be interesting over the next couple of months to see how publishers will mix up their current strategy to maintain their reach, but we should expect to see more brand's delivering their content through real people, and business owners leveraging their own network and personal brands.

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Briar Prestidge

CEO, Prestidge Group and Briar Prestidge - The Label

Briar Prestidge is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Prestidge Group, a personal branding, PR and media production agency managing high profile personal brands for high net worth individuals, C-level executives, technology experts, celebrities, and investors in Dubai, New York and London. She is also the CEO of BRIAR PRESTIDGE - The Label, a corporate collection of premium power suits. 


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