Briar Prestidge

Founder and CEO, Prestidge Group

Briar is a self-made entrepreneur who launched her personal branding and public relations company Prestidge Group in 2016, catering to the needs of prominent C-suite executives, high net worth individuals, and thought leaders. First established in Dubai, the company has since grown to encompass the United States as well.




Why You (And Your Business) Need To Take The Metaverse Seriously

Today, the internet is the bedrock of our daily lives. It's not only driving our gadgets and devices, but it's also navigating, creating, and mapping our digital lives through a range of social (media) platforms and apps.

Growth Strategies

Three Lessons From Deconstructing The Elon Musk Branding Juggernaut

When brand ideals and their representatives are not on the same page, the resulting mixed messages and confusing signals create an inherent distrust that no amount of PR can fix. Musk gets this.


The Power Of Online Perception

In today's digital world, your online brand makes up 50% of your personal brand.


Five Ways to Leverage Facebook's Latest Algorithm Overhaul

With Facebook's new algorithm overhaul, here are some new strategies you can implement.

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