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Four Tips For Marketing Your Tech Brand To Content Creators Marketing to creators is as important as marketing to their audience. That's the only way you can ensure an authentic tone of voice for your brand messages and key takeaways.

By Shadman Sakib Edited by Aby Thomas

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A decade ago, content creators were nothing more than some young kids messing about on YouTube. Today, however, they are growing in numbers on multi-platforms, they command their own authority, and brands are tripping over themselves to work with these influencers to promote their wares. So, it is still okay to ignore them?

Marketing to creators is as important as marketing to their audience. That's the only way you can ensure an authentic tone of voice for your brand messages and key takeaways.

In comparison to other demographics, "individual creators" was not a marketable group until very recently. It's now a genuine group with rational data, real desires, and real product and service requirements- and it's growing quickly. But it's also a population with highly definite interests, strong opinions, and a healthy dose of skepticism about marketing and advertising. This is a group that takes its purchase selections very seriously, and, ultimately, influence their audience as well. They are also the first movers when it comes to new tech products hitting the market.

As a tech company, it is essential to find ways of marketing to them in a very specific way. Here are some tips:

1. Be straightforward Individual creators aren't expecting you to be the world's hottest brand. Conversely, they'll look to you if you can be honest, and open about the true value you can bring to their business. Make it clear what you have to offer. Don't over-embellish facts, and be clear about the differentiating factors.

2. Video content is king Freelance creators primarily use video-based platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels to distribute their work. When it comes to video production, they're both technically and artistically skilled. So, ensure that your brand videos are strong and creative, and grab the attention of not only the creators, but also the wider audience as well. Even if you're a creating a simple tutorial video, it needs to be well executed, and be fun to watch. You don't have to spend too much on the production, but remember to add a creative touch, and a strong storyline. People trust you more when you don't over-produce the content.

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3. Embrace influencer marketing Using affiliate marketers to spread your message -who have been asked to review your goods in an organic manner- conveys the sincerity and integrity you should strive for in your marketing plan. This is an era of peer reviews, and if the rating of a tech brand, restaurant, or service is dubious, than the results will be similar as well. Affiliate marketing therefore is crucial for tech launches, and getting it right will be the key to a successful marketing plan. Trust is earned, and that's one of the reasons why it's called "earned media." Trust is an important factor to grow and sustain customers. Trust equals advocacy too, because it is aligned with authenticity, and this ultimately is the key to creating positive brand affinity.

4. Stay up to date on each platform This may appear to be self-evident, but it isn't as straightforward as it seems. Ads on TikTok differ significantly from those on YouTube, which differ significantly from those on Instagram. Whichever platform you choose, you must have a good grasp on the types of content that appear genuine on that network, as well as what people are already seeking and listening to on that platform. This info is crucial to help a brand to devise a wholesome marketing brand. Spending time to collate this information will go a long way in creating a memorable launch plan with huge recall value. Savvy marketers need to know how this landscape is changing and what is causing the change.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to market to creators, but it should always start with our own content, which should be authentically created for the specific platform. The creator market is constantly developing, and demand for creators is skyrocketing. The new generation of content creators is continuously on the lookout for goods that will help them better their work and attract a wider audience. We don't have to use old-school approaches to persuade them to buy. We must attract their attention, showing that we're aware of what they are doing, and show that we can assist them in accomplishing what they are already doing- only better.

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Shadman Sakib

Founder, Vurse

Shadman Sakib’s entrepreneurial talents were evident at a very early age, when his peers were just beginning to learn the basics of business, Shadman was already building his portfolio of innovative concepts while still pursuing his formal education in the US and UK. His passion for cutting edge tech, combined with his business intuition has made him a prolific investor in various sectors reaping huge financial gains at such an early age.

As a 27-year-old, Shadman’s roster of current and up-coming tech ventures read like an almanac. With teams based across five continents, Shadman’s vision is to become one of this generation’s most prolific tech entrepreneurs and more so a disruptor, bringing new ideas to the table at every turn. Besides his various financial investments, Shadman Sakib’s company, Vurse, based between USA, UK, UAE and across the Asian continent, is gearing up for several new app product launches, scheduled in the course of 2022 and 2023.

With AI and Metaverse at the core of their technology, Vurse, will be announcing its latest products during H2 this year – closely under-wraps till then. “All I can say is that the first app will offer an interactive experience on a social video sharing platform incorporating AI, NFT and machine learning combined to deliver an unforgettable experience to the users,” said Shadman Sakib on the upcoming product launch.

For him it’s the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology that excites him and guides his investments on mass scale projects. Balancing his business activities out is the upcoming Shadman Sakib Philanthropic Foundation which will be announced later this year and will focus on impact investing supporting young IT entrepreneurs from impoverished backgrounds. This foundation will afford opportunities to many talented up and coming individuals and give them a platform to build their own legacy just as Shadman is doing himself.

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