Infographic: Psychology of Color In Branding

Infographic on how psychology of color can affect your branding based on color theory and its principles.

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Colors have been an effective part of branding since the age of media and adverts. Every industry focuses on certain colors in order to conjure a particular emotion and embark a particular behavior. Colors are critical to the success of any design. Colors create ideas, they express emotions, they communicate and they even spark interest. They are integral to the designing process and assist throughout it. A great color scheme can enhance your design by manifolds while a poor color scheme can lead the creative to misinterpretation. Every color has a unique meaning, and this is why colors are also indispensable in building a brand identity. To get your creative juices flowing, here's an infographic by Vowels Advertising that describes the psychology of color, theories of color schemes, their branding techniques, and their impact at creating meaningful advertisements.


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