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With Its Tech-Powered Offering, Where My Paws At Is Allowing UAE Pet Owners To Ensure The Safety Of Their Fur-Kids What sets Where My Paws At apart is its smart yet simple technology, which allows pet parents to access a range of features seamlessly.

By Devina Divecha

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Carlie Leake is the founder of Where My Paws At, the UAE’s first pet safety app.

In the Hawaiian language, people with pets do not call themselves "owners"- instead, they are the animal's "kahu," which translates to guardian or protector. Essentially, it refers to a person who keeps something cherished safe, and in a world where pets are considered members of the family and something to be loved and protected, Carlie Leake saw an opportunity to address a common concern among pet parents in the UAE: the safety and well-being of their furry companions.

That's how Where My Paws At came into being as a pioneering pet safety app that is changing the way pet owners in the UAE keep their fur-kids safe. "Where My Paws At helps solve a problem for pet parents in the UAE," Leake, the founder of the company, says. "We're the first local pet safety app, building a community to help dog and cat owners in the UAE."

What sets Where My Paws At apart is its smart yet simple technology, which allows pet parents to access a range of features seamlessly. From joining a microchip platform used by registered vets, rescuers, and charities, to sending instant lost pet alerts and creating automated missing pet posters, Where My Paws At offers a one-stop solution for pet safety. But the innovation doesn't stop there. Where My Paws At has also developed two smart pet tag products that link to the app and a user's pet's profile, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind. And that's not all. "We understand the cost of being a pet parent too," Leake adds. "So, we partner with pet-loving businesses in the UAE to save you money on pet-related services and products."

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Source: Where My Paws At

The genesis of the app came from a harrowing personal experience, Leake reveals. "The idea for Where My Paws At came to me after we lost our indoor cat, Moo," she says. "He went missing for three days. I'd never lost my cat before, and I didn't know what to do, how to get help or who to contact to find him." Vowing to not let others go through a similar situation, Leake -who previously worked in the talent acquisition and recruitment field for more than 16 years- went live with Where My Paws At in February 2023. "Since launching Where My Paws At, we have over 1,200 pet parents using the app, we've helped reunite 58 missing pets, and we have built important relationships with vets, rescuers, and animal charities in the UAE," Leake says, proudly.

Looking ahead, Leake envisions the further evolution of Where My Paws At. "The future sees us adding more safety features to the app, products and services such as active global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices to enable pet parents to see exactly where their pets are at any given time," Leake says. "We're truly connecting the UAE pet community, and keeping pets safe."

EUREKA! Carlie Leake on how to make an idea a great one

Research the size of the market "Is it saturated? Without researching, your idea may be a non-starter. Know the size of your market and any competitors."

Understand your niche and demographics "By analyzing data, you can learn more about your audience. What are their pain points, and how can you help solve a problem?"

Be of value "Connect and engage with people. Have conversations, and learn from others. This has been something that has been invaluable with Where My Paws At. I'm not a leading expert in the pet industry, but that's ok, I'm constantly learning. I'm connecting with my audience and niche, and I'm also able to share my knowledge with others."

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