Thin Is In: HP Unveils Spectre Spectre has a premium look and feel, making it ideal for the fashionable professional.

By Tamara Clarke

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HP Spectre

HP Spectre is a fusion of great design with top of the line computing power. It weighs in at just 1.1kg with a width of less than 1.5cm, and offers the options of an Intel Core i5 model or an Intel Core i7 model. Spectre has a hyperbaric cooling system that doesn't just push heat out of the machine– it actually draws in cool air and directs it over the processor to keep it running at peak performance.

HP Spectre. Image credit: HP.
The PC features a backlit keyboard, a glass track pad, a full HD 13.3" diagonal edge-to-edge display, and Bang & Olufsen sound to create the ultimate entertainment experience. Unveiled as "the world's thinnest laptop," Spectre has an aluminum chassis as thin as a AAA-battery with high gloss copper accents, such as the hidden piston hinge that complements the design, like a piece of fine jewelry. Spectre has a premium look and feel, making it ideal for the fashionable professional.

HP Spectre keyboard view. Image credit: HP.
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Tamara Clarke


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