Jonathan Walker

Technology Researcher. Research Fellow at FCSI

Jonathan Walker is a technology researcher and analyst with a passion for cyber, fintech, AI and biotech. He currently serves as a research fellow at the Future of Cyber Security Institute.



Navigating The Data Tsunami: The Silent Challenge Behind AI's Rise, And The Innovative Company That Might Hold The Key

In the contemporary digital landscape, where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are no longer just buzzwords but essential components of our daily lives, a less visible yet critical challenge looms large.


Rethinking Road Safety: The Regulatory Shifts Steering the Future of Driving

In the evolving landscape of automotive safety, Cipia is playing a pivotal role with its AI-driven in-cabin sensing technologies

Growth Strategies

This Company is Redefining Global Connectivity with Disaggregated Networks

Exaware, an innovative force originating from Israel, has been making notable strides under the leadership of CEO Ronen Hovav and Chairman Hagay Climor


This Deep Tech Firm Is Positioned To Lead the Cultivated Meat Manufacturing Revolution

Steakholder Foods company saw a notable increase in interest for its 3D bio-printer in the second half of this year as it participated in global exhibitions and conferences to showcase its prototype


Quantum Computing Is Coming: How Will It Impact Cybersecurity?

Quantum Computing is set to completely change the technological landscape with major effects in the Cyber field, among others. We gathered insights from the industry's leaders to see how they are approaching the risks and opportunities of this developing technology

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