Providing Solutions and Growth In the Digital World: The Story Of an Innovative Tech Entrepreneur Jonathan Kvicky, a serial entrepreneur, believes in leading process improvement through the merging of people, business and technology

By Ashley Smith

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Jonathan Kvicky
Jonathan Kvicky

Technological innovation is advancing by leaps and bounds daily, and having the ability to recognize these changes to foster innovative solutions is something that not everybody has a knack for. However, people like Jonathan Kvicky are applying their skills to help weave the new age of digital fabric that is undoubtedly creating shifts in the business landscape today.

Kvicky is an outstanding software engineer, entrepreneur and investor who, at 32 years of age, is standing out in the digital ecosystem. He has branded himself in the industry by going hand-in-hand with disruptive tech and applying it to various business sectors in order to improve go-to-market process and worldwide adoption.

Although he currently applies his talents as a senior engineer at a prestigious company, Kvicky has been a visionary entrepreneur from a very young age with innate skills for successfully creating and investing in technology projects and platforms.

His first big success was the development of one of the top news aggregator websites within the world of fashion. This portal brought together both new and noteworthy clothing brands from all over the world, allowing them to connect with their clients and apparel enthusiasts on a personal level. The success of this project eventually led to its acquisition, and helped pave the path for Jonathan's entrepreneurial journey.

Kvicky through his personal Instagram account interacts and encourages others to connect with him and discuss investing, as well as new and emerging technologies.

Solutions and Adoption: Two Key Elements of Success

"We are living in an exciting time right now, where a new digital fabric is being overlaid on the world as we know it, and it is truly groundbreaking," Kvicky notes.

Lately, the projects which have garnered the most attention from him in terms of investment are those which strive to narrow the gap between people, business and technology. Innovation is an essential aspect, but the solutions presented to the end-user and, subsequently, the application of technology, in this order, is what represents the right path to success - not the other way around.

Another key indicator to success in Kvicky's opinion is the ability to maintain an agile and flexible approach on the path to reaching objectives, without altering fundamental roots and values. He emphasizes that this has been true for many successful companies—they have pivoted several times, even if this requires moving away from their original concept, in order to stay true to the solution they are providing to the end user.

"Internet for the Modern World'

Currently, Kvicky is investing in the development of a promising and truly innovative project—NOIA Network. The project is a software solution that runs on top of the existing public Internet and aims to solve core infrastructure problems which, in many cases, is decades old.

The NOIA team, formed by a network engineers and advisors have combined several emerging technologies, such as Segment Routing, SRv6, Distributed Ledger Technology, and DARP (Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol) in order to cultivate the growth and adoption of a "programmable Internet".

As a result, the NOIA platform will assist network traffic along the most optimal routes based on latency, packet loss, jitter and other criteria. This ends up solving the problem of unreliable Internet connection issues which cost businesses $700 billion every year.

"NOIA Network ticks the boxes of everything I look for in a company," Kvicky says. "They're working on truly disruptive technology which improves something that 4.5-plus billion people use today—the Internet." The platform is already being piloted by more than twenty partners, and is set to release their B2B platform within the coming months.

Ashley Smith

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