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This Innovative Blockchain-Based Digital Therapeutics Will Increase Efficacy Of Pills Europe-based Epillo Health Systems introduces blockchain-based Digital Therapeutics product 'INTRx' to amplify benefits of your therapeutic drug plans

By Shishir Jajoo

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Epillo Health Systems, a digital healthcare company based in Europe, is transforming the medical technology landscape by incorporating the best of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain in digital healthcare applications to aid your prescription drugs with a blockchain-based digital therapeutics (DTx) solution, "INTRx', to increase the efficiency of your prescription drug plans, based on its worldwide patent-pending technology.

There can be undesirable pharmacological effects inside the body of a consumer of prescription drugs that are often triggered by the drug interactions either among themselves or with the food that the patient intakes. Also, the effects of any drugs can be slowed down or increased by the consumption of specific foods that block or change their pharmacological profiles, i.e., change in pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic profile of a drug. Such interactions can lead to adverse drug effects (ADEs), triggered allergies, and ineffective prescription therapies, thus increasing the cost burden on healthcare systems and decreasing the quality of treatments.

Co-administration of food or drink with active prescriptions can affect absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) mechanism of a drug, i.e., drug release (volume and composition of luminal fluids, transit times, motility), absorption mechanism of the drug (uptake and efflux transporters), distribution of the drug throughout the cells (lymphatic drug transport, lipoprotein, and plasma protein binding), metabolism and elimination mechanism (drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters).

A drug is administered to efficaciously provide medical aid. However, this efficacy can be altered when such drug is consumed together with certain interacting components present in our daily food items or consumed with other interacting drugs.

Almost half of us are on pills. It is estimated that approximately 48-50 per cent of the European, and Americans consume at least one prescription drug every day, providing Epillo's Blockchain-based digital therapeutic solution offering "INTRx' a wider userbase than any other consumer digital therapeutic solution.

Digital therapeutics (DTx) is medical software that can be used in conjunction with your therapies to manage or prevent a disease or to increase the benefits of your therapy, thus aiding your treatment.

Epillo's digital therapeutics (DTx) solutions offering called "INTRx' consists of a patient-facing decentralized mobile application that helps patients prevent and manage their Interactions (drug-food and drug-drug) and record their relative drug and food patterns.

INTRx can support patients in self-managing and predicting their interactions, based on unique user-profiles and health data, adding benefits to their current drug therapies and thereby improve their quality of life.

Epillo's "INTRx' offering uses their proprietary medical AI to combat millions of unsupervised and neglected drug-food and drug-drug interactions in-home and clinical settings.

Epillo's Digital Therapeutics (DTx) range of solutions (based on its patent-pending innovation) monitor, predicts, manages, and prevents in real-time: drug-Food constituent interactions; and drug-drug constituent interactions.

Through a patient-facing mobile application and a set of clinical tools for clinicians to monitor and analyze these Interactions and pharmacological (pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic) profile change data on drugs co-administered with food items, analyze drug plans compared with food patterns, unlocking a completely new health metric for clinicians to administer the quality of life and care for their patients.

Epillo's "INTRx' range is based on a decentralized ledger model and multilayered hybrid consensus algorithm developed by US-based Hydrus 7 Labs. Epillo Health Systems believes that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way patients own, share and control their health data, and the way healthcare stakeholders manage, secure, and share patient data.

"The adoption of the blockchain distributed ledger methodology in Epillo's Digital Therapeutic solutions will create an unprecedented level of accuracy, privacy, and security in health data for healthcare stakeholders and patients, offering an innovative new way to ensure robust data integrity while giving patients more access and control over their data in our healthcare applications," said Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Chair of Board (CoB) for Epillo Health Systems.

"Epillo's digital therapeutics offering "INTRx' based on our proprietary algorithms, machine learning models and Immutable data storage technology, uniquely capable of recording, analyzing, detecting and predicting a user's Drug-Food and Drug-Drug Interactions in real-time, can improve the quality of life of millions of people around the world," says Aasif Shah, CEO for Epillo Health Systems.

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