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From Seven Foreclosures to Seven Figures: Secret to Success in Real Estate Investing Lakeisha Marion is a top producer in her company and currently mentors thousands of young individuals who are working under her leadership

By Ayoub Rasmi

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Ayoub Rasmi

It is always thrilling to read success stories of individuals who have defied all odds to become successful. One such person who has made her mark through real estate investing is Lakeisha Marion, a millionaire multi-level marketing guru.

Marion is one of the most successful women today, making a global impact and giving many people a reason to reawaken their dwindling hopes. She is a top producer in her company and currently mentors thousands of young individuals who are working under her leadership. Her story is from "Seven foreclosures to Seven figures' and has by today has established a portfolio of over $4 million, making her the first millionaire in her family in the process.

She is not only a well-known wealth strategist but also a best-selling author. Her book; "'From Tragedy To Triumph: My Search - My Purpose", has captivated many inspiring souls to seek light when they were in dark places of their lives. Lakeisha Marion has a background that can be best described as humble. Born to a teenage mother, she was raised with immense love by the duo of her mother and grandmother, but at the age of thirteen, she lost two of her aunts and a sister leaving her with a lot of doubts, painful memories and questions beyond human comprehension. Her survival from the ghastly accident engineered a quest to find her purpose, this process wasn't very easy because she at some point wanted to give up on everything including her Christian faith and upbringing.

Marion eventually got introduced to a network marketing company, that immediately gave her a new feel and perspective on life. When she first started working, she had seven foreclosures to her name but she used the opportunity given by her current network marketing company to rebuild her credit score and along with that a name and a career in coaching and mentoring. It was the perfect job to fill the void in her life and provide her with a motive towards a new direction. Her job afforded that opportunity by allowing her to engage with new audiences and inspire them to join her network. Having created a successful MLM network, she became one of the top earners among her peers in no-time.

Coach Marion as she is fondly known today is so optimistic about touching more lives to create a bigger impact. She has a bold vision to help more African-American females to become successful and earn big by building wealth through real estate as she did as a multi-level marketer few years ago. Her sole objective is to teach such young ambitious individuals how to build a lucrative work-from-home business, that can lead to financial freedom.

Marion is keen on acquiring new real estate clients and but more importantly inspiring a new generation to break into real estate investing. If you're starting as a real estate investor anywhere in the world, your awareness of location is of utmost importance. Many amateur real-estate investors are quick to buy a property in a growing area without carrying out research on the neighborhood. These are some of the common rookie mistakes known to the real estate industry and speak to the value a good mentor can bring to increase the likelihood of success.

She educates her community concerning financial literacy. Her passion is to educate and empower others, especially youngsters to become successful at a young age by achieving a lifestyle of financial freedom. She is dedicated to helping women improve their credit, increase their confidence and enable them to qualify for more capital. She is currently in the process of expanding her MLM mentorship program and is looking for more ambitious leaders to join her fast growing and successful team.

According to Marion, "It is very important that you build strong relationships with various banks in your community a) establish your reputation as a good real estate investor and b) to increase your chances of acquiring new clients".

"Knowing your locals are key," says Marion as she urges others who are interested in entering this space to "connect with their local or city government to carry out extensive research for foreclosed properties or properties with tax liens" she further noted.

This is why seeking advice from a successful and experienced mentor is vital especially when you're starting out and because "knowledge as they say is power". She is a real estate investor based in Miami, Florida and spends most of her time expanding her mentorship program and helping her followers avoid some of the early mistakes and pitfalls she made while starting out.

Her social media handles are a beehive of events, seminars, programs for her million followers. Her book "from tragedy to triumph" has gathered a lot of traction since unveiling to the public and there are so many positive reviews from readers who have been touched by her story, her ordeals, and her success. The book encompasses her life's journey, daily challenges, struggles, pains and hard times, her search for a higher purpose, and how she eventually found her true-self, through God's guidance, Mercy & grace.

With this book, Lakeisha Marion believes that more people (African-American women) will be encouraged, empowered, educated and equipped to attain their fullest potential in life. Every human being harbors within him or her the power of motivating others and igniting this power through deliberate approaches to reading and association can give one the ability to achieve their greatest dreams.

Ayoub Rasmi


Chairman of Rasmi Empire HLDG, Ayoub Rasmi is a visionary entrepreneur who loves to challenge himself as well as other people around him to achieve their goals. A mentor and guide to fellow entrepreneurs, he is as also the Founder & CEO of Liv Rental, a company that operates in the real estate and automotive sector based in Milan and Marrakech.


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