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Vietnam's Largest Cultural Icon Theater Hosts Must-See Performance 'Life Puppets' The show has been produced with a large-scale and methodical approach, featuring the iconic Đó Theater built specifically for this performance.

By Julian Lim

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World's first co-performing arts show "Life Puppets" is being held in Vietnam from April 14th, 2023. The show has been produced with a large-scale and methodical approach, featuring the iconic Đó Theater built specifically for this performance.

"Life Puppets" is created by the only team in Vietnam whose productions have been successfully toured at more than 300 theaters in Europe and Australia. This remarkable achievement speaks to the exceptional quality of "Life Puppets," which many consider a captivating and enchanting representation of Vietnamese indigenous cultural art.

The traditional Vietnamese water stage (Thuy Dinh) was renovated into 4 interwoven co-performing spaces suitable for all types of puppets. The Underwater space for Water Puppet will combine and blend into one, delivering an emotional love story. Meanwhile, the terrestrial space will host performances from traditional to modern art, accompanied by the mesmerizing SEASOUL native orchestra.

The aerial space showcases the mesmerizing tangram transformations that transport the audience to a world of pure imagination and beauty. The animated performance space blends motion capture technology and contemporary dance art to create Vietnam's first-ever puppet form - the Cartoon puppets.

Life Puppets incorporates indigenous materials, including the 12 animals traditionally used as symbols in Eastern culture, which now represent characters with unique personalities in the performance. The play features the "three unions" and "four elements of the pulse," offering stories that are both delicate and emotional. The performance takes place across multiple spaces and languages, making it the world's first co-existing art show. All these remarkable components have intertwined and mingled, making Life Puppets the most unique and fascinating show in the world.

The Life Puppets show is an innovative breakthrough in performing arts, merging various puppetry, dance, and music forms into a captivating spectacle for viewers. It is the fruit of extensive research and development by a team of dedicated artists, artisans, and technicians, marking a significant milestone in Vietnamese cultural heritage.

The "Life Puppets" show is performed at Đó Theater, the largest cultural icon theater in Vietnam. Built by KDI Holdings, this stunning French-standard venue was inspired by the traditional Vietnamese fishing gear known as "Chiếc Đó," used to catch shrimp. The theater is a magnificent structure, resembling a giant "Chiếc Đó" and located on the beautiful Bai Tien beach. Boasting 536 seats, world-class technical standards, and a versatile performance system for underwater and land performances, Đó Theater is a significant cultural landmark in Vietnam. It is part of the coastal leisure, art, and entertainment complex in Vega City Nha Trang, which offers two outstanding indigenous cultural products and is sure to be a must-visit destination for both local residents and international visitors.

Mr. Do Tuan Anh, CEO of KDI Holdings, states that the organization values and respects Vietnamese culture. He believes that leveraging local strengths is crucial for achieving sustainable development in all sectors. As such, KDI Holdings hopes that their "Life Puppets" program, which showcases a diverse range of indigenous art forms and embodies the essence of Vietnamese culture, will provide new and meaningful experiences for audiences while promoting Vietnamese culture to the world. "Hopefully, in the future, the play 'Life Puppets' will not only be performed in Vietnam but also toured worldwide", he added.

Life Puppets is set to become a significant cultural landmark in Vietnam. It celebrates the country's rich heritage and artistic accomplishments and promises to captivate and inspire audiences from all corners of the globe. It is a must-watch show for once in a lifetime that offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

The performance of "Life Puppets" takes place daily at 7.30 pm (Vietnam time) starting from April 14th, 2023. Tickets are now available for purchase from lifepuppets.show

Julian Lim

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