Jugnoo Joins Hands With Local Player Kardi to Take Over Singapore's Ride-hailing Market

The collaboration will help Kardi increase its fleet and grow as a driver-centered company

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For any startup, the best way to move into a new market is by adopting new technologies. India's ride-hailing app Jugnoo is taking a new route. Founder Samar Singla has announced that the app, which was launched in Singapore on May 1, will stop being operational from the end of August, and the company will provide tech expertise and engineering support to Singapore-based ride-hailing firm Kardi. According to a press release, the collaboration will help Kardi increase its fleet and grow as a driver-centered company, making it possible to improve the ride experience of their user.

Back home, Jugnoo is facing stiff competition from Uber and Ola, who have spread their presence across the country. Jugnoo tried to diversify its services to compete in the international market by launching its app in Singapore, but it didn't work out in their favour.

Understanding Jugnoo's Role

Jugnoo, which offers on-demand auto-rickshaws in India, will play a big part in improving and advising on the IT structure of the current incorporated system of Kardi, says the release. This will include creating new digital assets, research, and IT development, making constant improvements with regards to the rider and driver apps, it adds.

The company is currently rendering its services in more than 30 cities of India and Singapore combined. The riders currently using Jugnoo's app will see an icon in the app, which will then redirect them to Kardi's app, prompting them to provide consent to be ported over. Upon agreement, their details will be ported over. Drivers and riders can expect these changes to be implemented by the end of August 2018. Likewise, the current Jugnoo drivers will get a notification and their approval for them to be ported over as a Kardi driver.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Kardi and this comes up with the growing demand for ride-hailing platforms. Kardi being Singapore's local company has better expertise in handling the operations and Jugnoo being a tech a platform will empower Kardi with the best class technology. With this collaboration, we envision a future that will provide more affordable rides to the customers and a better earning to the rivers," said Singla in a press release.

Win-Win For Both Drivers And Riders

Founded by Ashwin Selambram in June 2018, Kardi offers affordable and luxurious private-hire car services. According to Selambram, the company wants to focus on ride-hailing and increase its service standards as well as the driver's day to day experience in the platform.

"By focusing on our drivers' well-being and finding ways to improve service standards, we intend to make the users overall ride experience better than current standards. By collaborating with other merchants in the near future, both riders and drivers can directly benefit from the wholesome experience and perks," he said in the release.