This Online Platform Is Helping People Find the Truth About Others For Free was designed to help users find people's information that might not be readily available on social platforms

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The Internet is a powerful tool for finding information about people. We can learn more about them from their social media accounts, find old photos of them on Google, and even contact anyone they have befriended to ask what they are like in person. It's not always easy to tell who someone really is, though. With so many websites, social media accounts, and online profiles available to explore, sometimes we are not sure if what we see is the truth or just a carefully crafted public persona. Do you want to know if your new acquaintance is who they say they are or if there is more than meets the eye? If so, then doing a fast Internet search using a free people search engine is your best bet for finding out who they really are and figuring out what their intentions might be. is one such tool.


As the name suggests, this tool was designed to help users find people's information that might not be readily available on social platforms. For example, chances are that your new crush will never display their mugshot on their Facebook page. If for whatever reason, they decide to withhold that tidbit, you might feel cheated if you discover it on your own years later. Another scenario would be a potential employee with a criminal record they did not inform you about. Whatever the reason, if it's information that would be found in an online profile (such as age, education level, occupation), there is probably a website out there where they have provided that information. And even if they don't have a social media profile, they are registered with the government, and there is a public record somewhere with the information. aggregates public records from government sources as well as social databases and makes this information readily available to its users. The platform has a friendly, easy-to-use interface that allows you to conduct an accurate and fast search at the click of a button. For example, you can use your potential love interest's phone number to find more information like where they last lived, their relatives, and potential court records, if any. You can then use that to ask more targeted questions before you commit to or dismiss them. If you don't have the phone number, you can use other details like the person's name and last known location to narrow the search.

Once you key in the details, the search engine will then use prompts to guide you through the search. Say you are searching for James Tyler from Charlotte, North Carolina. To narrow down the list, will give you an age range within which your James Tyler lies. For example, if we have 20 James Tylers within the 30-49 age group, will help you sort through the list by displaying key data such as their aliases, address history, and potential relatives. To verify you have the correct James Tyler, you can proceed to the full report with complete search results.

You've probably heard it said that knowledge is power. Whether you're finding a long-lost relative or friend or doing due diligence on a prospective employee, you can never be too careful these days. Your search might help you uncover some interesting things about potential relationships, both professional and social, and save you a lot of trouble in the future. Best of all, is a free people finder, so you don't need to pay a dime to do so!