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'Traumatized': Horrifying Video Footage Shows Carnival Cruise Ship Get Rocked By Massive Storm

The Carnival Sunshine was headed back to Charleston, South Carolina from the Bahamas.

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Palantir: The "Sleeper" Play on the AI Revolution

The secretive and controversial data analytics firm Palantir made a game-changing move with its launch of AIP. Can it live up to the hype?

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Can Tesla's Supercharger Become the Industry Norm? Ford Says Yes

Tesla opens up the Supercharger network to Ford EVs, at the risk of helping its biggest competitor. Does the reward of potential subsidies outweigh the risk?

Science & Technology

Get Access to Streaming Services No matter Where You Go With This Smart DNS and VPN

For just $49.99 you can connect to more than 500 global streaming channels worldwide.

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AI Chip Stock Showdown: The Biggest Winners and Losers

We putt Nvidia, Taiwan Semiconductor, and Intel against each other and pick the winners and losers of the AI revolution in the semiconductor market.

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Can PDD Holdings' Temu Rival Shein? A $22 Billion Opportunity

Chinese ecommerce giant PDD Holdings looks to make a splash in the international market by challenging fast fashion app Shein for dominance.

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Lululemon Employees Say They Were Fired for Trying to Stop Shoplifters

Two Georgia women say Lululemon fired them without severance for trying to get thieves out of the store.


Why Conversational Marketing Should Be a Priority for All Entrepreneurs

Businesses can leverage real-time, personalized interactions to enhance customer relationships and brand visibility.

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Iovance Biotherapeutics Spikes on Melanoma BLA FDA Application

Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: IOVA) shares spiked over 20% on its advanced-stage melanoma treatment application to the U.S. Food and Drug Admin

Growing a Business

Turn Crisis into Profit — Why You Should Invest in Distressed Businesses in this Economy

Key lessons and strategies for growing your company through distressed business acquisitions.

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7 of the 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in the U.S. Are in One State

A new report by U.S. News found that San Diego is the most expensive city to live in for 2023-2024, followed by Los Angeles. New York City didn't even rank in the top 10.

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What Should You Look for in a Retirement Advisor?

Are you approaching retirement and feeling overwhelmed by the financial decisions you need to make? Do you want to ensure that your retirement years are comfortable and stress-free? If so,...

Real Estate

5 Strategies for Real Estate Investors to Survive (and Thrive) Amid Rising Interest Rates

Rising real estate interest rates are not a reason to stress — they are an opportunity to invest.

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Elizabeth Holmes Is Jailhouse Bound. Disgraced Theranos Founder Begins Prison Sentence

The former Theranos CEO is set to serve 11 years in prison after she was convicted on multiple charges of defrauding investors.