Amber Marfatia

Founder – & Principal Software Architect at an IT MNC

Amber Marfatia is cartoonist and founder of (a popular destination for many cartoon & comic strip lovers), author of a book & many papers and Principal Software Architect at an MNC. He brings around two decades of experience in the information technology industry and has been an integral part of the digital transformation the industry is going through.

Amber has currently engaged in many enterprise-scale IT modernisation projects which involve Conversational AI and Machine Learning to help the products scale. He has a deep understanding of software development and architecture.

The flavour of being a cartoonist alongside being a technologist has helped him to see the world with a lens. He being an entrepreneur, artist and an IT professional provides a unique blend of exposure and outlook to his views and writings.

Amber a TOGAF certified professional is a physics graduate and a computer science post graduate from Surat, Gujarat. 



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