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#4 Reasons Why an Entrepreneur Should Possess the Art of Showing Absolute Possibility (ASAP) You are able to answer "what", "why", "how", "where" and "when" types of questions. But these are still tactical aspects and helps you to gain short term confidence among the stakeholders.

By Amber Marfatia

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When you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be, one quality that will make you stand out is the ability to show the possibility. Your idea or offering could change the way your potential customers are living or doing their business. But it is important for you as an entrepreneur to showcase the possibility around that killer idea.

There are many questions answered if you are able to showcase the possibility associated with the idea. You are able to answer "what", "why", "how", "where" and "when" types of questions. But these are still tactical aspects and helps you to gain short term confidence among the stakeholders.

To get sustained and stronger confidence, you should possess all elements of being ASAP. This is not being "As Soon As Possible" but having the "Art of Showing Absolute Possibility". Following are the 4 reasons (or elements) why you should possess the ASAP quality:

1. Conviction – Being "absolute" about your idea backed by valid and scientific data points, you are able to bridge the gap between imagination and reality. When you highlight "why" your idea is important you are approaching it with a lot of conviction. As an entrepreneur, it is extremely important to be convinced. Successful entrepreneurs pour their heart into the idea to arrive at the solution. You defend your ideas and win over their critics in a collected manner to stand out.

2. Vision – It is the vision you show that can make or break your entrepreneur journey. It is the vision that shows "possibility" of the given idea. It helps to define the "what" part of the idea. If as an entrepreneur you are able to define and highlight the idea's vision – the half job is done. The blueprint of your idea is the vision based on. Vision to scale, grow and solve the problem is what will make you stand out.

3. Visualization – You have conviction and vision but are you able to help the stakeholders visualize it? If not – having conviction and vision is of no use. Hence, "showcasing" the "how" aspect of making the idea work is super important. There are many tools that can be used to help you visualize your idea. Therefore, the ability to see or make others see something that you imagine, a picture that you see in your mind, something that you see or dream is key to be successful.

4. Oratory – Being a good orator (is an art) will make a huge difference when it comes to delivering the vision, showcasing convection and helping stakeholders to visualize the idea. You should be crisp, clear, to the point and articulative. Beating around the bush will not help but making sure the right context is set will sure help. Being good orator doesn't only means having good command over the language but being able to present the idea/problem statement in the most effective manner. Communication is the backbone of our society and relations. It will allow you to form connections, influence & convey decisions and motivate change.

While you are good in showcasing the conviction & vision and are able to visualize through good communication skills it is also important to be practical.

You can have many futuristic ideas or offerings that are well ahead of its time but with the right use of the art of showing the possibility – ASAP, one can win hearts, deals and marketplace.

Steve Jobs is a classic example who had this quality. His ideas were imaginative and ahead of its time. The concept of bringing computers to the home user was well ahead of its time back then. But ASAP helped him to make sure his vision could see the reality.

Amber Marfatia

Founder – & Principal Software Architect at an IT MNC

Amber Marfatia is cartoonist and founder of (a popular destination for many cartoon & comic strip lovers), author of a book & many papers and Principal Software Architect at an MNC. He brings around two decades of experience in the information technology industry and has been an integral part of the digital transformation the industry is going through.

Amber has currently engaged in many enterprise-scale IT modernisation projects which involve Conversational AI and Machine Learning to help the products scale. He has a deep understanding of software development and architecture.

The flavour of being a cartoonist alongside being a technologist has helped him to see the world with a lens. He being an entrepreneur, artist and an IT professional provides a unique blend of exposure and outlook to his views and writings.

Amber a TOGAF certified professional is a physics graduate and a computer science post graduate from Surat, Gujarat. 

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