Pranav Arora

Pranav Arora is a young and dynamic business personality of Indian origin, who has made a name and presence in the whole business world with his multiple successful business ventures. This helped the Indian talent make his mark worldwide as a top serial entrepreneur, investor, and venture capitalist and, most notably, as an innovator and inventor whose visionary ideas speak enough of how he has grown as a business owner.

Pranav’s million-dollar businesses include JMTD Holdings, a private equity company offering capital and value-added partnerships to world-class and industry-leading companies. This company ensures to create and execute influential and meaningful growth strategies that lead its client’s to their desired revenues, making them more profitable than ever. Just Funky, his other venture, has grown as a family-owned premier manufacturer of licensed and private-label merchandise for the mainstream retail market.

Besides this, Pranav Arora also runs two other divisions of Just Funky Deciph-AR and NFT Merch. The former is an augmented reality app, helping consumers connect with their favourite brands and see their Merch become a reality, and the latter is also an AR-driven company in the metaverse, helping companies create immersive experiences. Pranav also serves as a Partner at several companies, besides being a compassionate philanthropist and a person who loves spending time travelling and with his family.



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