Raj N.

Founder, Zaggle


News and Trends

How Neobanks Are Helping Businesses Keep Costs Under Control

With the role of SMEs established, the emergence of neobanks has been a phenomenal moment for small, medium enterprises in modern- day banking


Will Remote Working Affect Organizational Culture And Day-To-Day Operations?

As remote working picks up pace, organizational leaders must strategize ways in which they can boost employee morale, maintain a healthy working culture, improve processes, and empower employees in the right ways


Embedded Finance Is Instrumental In Organizations Delivering Higher Value To Customers

In simple terms, embedded finance is the amalgamation of providing financial services along with a product or service that an organization is already providing to its customers

News and Trends

Key Takeaways For the Fintech Sector

Fintech was acknowledged for the first time and this indicates that the sector plays a major role in the entire banking ecosystem today


The Importance Of FinTech In Traditional Banking System

New technologies such as machine learning, Internet-of-Things, artificial intelligence, blockchains, and cloud computing are the major drivers of growth for fintech companies

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